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Opening Gifts and Family Traditions

Does Your Family have a Christmas Tradition with Gifts?

As many of you know that follow this blog, the kids have already began opening up their presents.  It is a family Christmas tradition in this house to begin on December 21st with the turn of the season. Every year we open one gift a night until Christmas Eve.

This year wasn’t any different, I thought it would be due to the economy, instead we planned around it.  Sure we saved for it and of course ya’ll know I had the hubby hit up Black Friday sales and I bought things on Amazon with the gift certificates I earned through some of my reviews with Momcentral.

What Christmas Presents have been Opened?

So what’s been opened?  I’m only listing a few items like the Littlest Pet shop kits.  You know the ones that have the tiny pets in them with maybe a bed or something? Well BabyGirl got a few of those and one of the bigger stuffed ones, she’s been sleeping with the calico kitty one since the first night. The two oldest got boomboxes (SoccerBoy got a much cooler one that was slightly bigger since he is older) and a few video games for his gameboy. BalletGirl opened a few NEW MOON items. I said it like that because when she unwrapped them she shrieked, “NEW MOOOOOOON!” haha.

I Cherish Family Christmas Traditions

I will always love these moments. I think now that I see how much they enjoy the gifts on all age levels it really opens up a world of love for the season. I worried that once they hit certain ages they’d stop liking the gifts as much, but that isn’t the case.
The trick is really getting to know your child’s likes and wants and following up on it as close as possible. I knew she liked the Twilight series because of the guys in it and Bella. I knew the oldest loved movies, music and video games so I went with my gut. The younger two were easy to figure out, basically you get them anything and they like it.
Little A got a few trucks, such as those with sirens (police and fire) and a bunch of hotwheels. Before you think this isn’t much they haven’t went through it all, but honestly we didn’t go overboard this year since I get review products throughout the year we didn’t see a NEED for toys. We focused on things like board games, video games, music and dvds.

Christmas TraditionsChristmas Traditions: Making Cookies

Now for our other tradition, I’m having a blast making cookies and such. Today Little A and I made a banana pudding like my grandma use to make. You know the Southern style with the crackers (vanilla wafers) sliced bananas and of course the pudding and top it off with cool whip.
I think it turned out great, can’t wait to eat it. This year we’ve decided to have a BBQ for Christmas and I’m making a tiny turkey for me and a few of the kids. All in all, it’s a good ending to this year and I hope to get a bit more organized for next year and enjoy these two weeks that the kids are off making lots of memories.
By the way the picture above with BalletGirl, yes she is in a town and no these were not from Christmas. The kids brought out all their Little Pet Shop homes and My Little Pony Homes and combined them with Little A’s hot wheel driveway. I thought it was cute that she was in the center playing with her baby brother. Happy Holidays ya’ll!

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