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Top 5 Gifts for Him

My husband has been coming home a lot this past week and asking that one question, “What do you want for Christmas?” Myself, me, huh? I hadn’t thought of myself this year, so I’ll have to get back on that. But what about him? What do I get him for Christmas.

Ladies, I went online and looked at several blogs to see what “MEN” talk about and it seems men want basically the same thing.

Plasma TV– Yes it is out with the old boxes and in with the light, flat screen tvs. Men, like big, bigger is better especially while watching the big game or their favorite Star Wars episode.

– Panasomic
– Samsung
– Pioneer

GPS Navigation System– Remember, they like hunting on their own, we women only frustrate them. I do agree with Phil though, he makes perfect sense. What did ya’ll think? You didn’t read it? Well go now and read Phil Lerman’s post on Why a Man will Listen to his GPS Navigation System over a female giving him directions. It’s really good and will help you understand men better. Plus the next time he gets lost you can blame it on the “other” female telling him what to do. It works out for both of ya.

– USG all in one
– Lincoln Navigator

Home Theater System– Ya know when the SuperBowl is on in 2008 there is going to be a party at your house, let him be the guy everyone wishes to be. Plus, this is a bonus for you as you can listen to all your shows better or even play a bit of dance music.

– Samsung
– Pioneer

Power Drills– Every man needs a good set of his own power drills. No ladies, this isn’t something he can just borrow from the neighbor. He doesn’t want to ask to use someone else’s power tools, he wants them to ask him. Would you ask another lady to use her curling iron, dishwasher, oven, etc? Exactly. Get him his drills and make him feel like the man on the block.

– Black & Decker
– DeWalt
– Bosch

Video Games– I don’t care what he says, your man wants the XBox 360, Nintendo Wii or the Playstation 3. If he tells ya he doesn’t he’s lieing to you, I’m sure if you purchased him one of these beauties you could catch him late one night playing. Course if you do make sure they come with plenty of games. Besides the machines listed above here are some HOT items to get your man.

– Super Mario Galaxy
– Brain Age II
– Wii Nunchuck Controller with games such as baseball, tennis, etc.

Well that’s the top 5 items I have seen every man blogging about. That or to have a few extra dollars on their account to buy some domain names. But I’m sure this list will help you figure out something. If you don’t see it listed here and your male friend has been hinting towards it why don’t you drop a comment here so other ladies can get an idea of what to get their man for Christmas. It isn’t always easy getting gifts for him.

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