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Free Earth Day Workbook for Kids

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Earth Day is April 22, this is a day in which we celebrate and honor our Earth. We keep it clean, replant when we can, ride a bicycle instead of driving, and recycle. Many people plant a garden or a new tree on this day. 

Free Earth Day Activities for Kids

Here’s a free Earth Day Workbook printable for you to print out all types of Earth day worksheets and activity pages for the little ones. This book explains a bit about what Earth Day is and the different types of recycling there are. Try setting up something at your home to help encourage this.

Here’s What’s Covered in the Earth Day Pages:

This Earth Day workbook (12 pages) consists of coloring pages, tracing, activities, ways they can help the Earth, etc. Print it out and let them have fun! Have a Happy Earth Day! If you’d like to do a few other Earth Day crafts and activities with your kids I’ve got you covered!

Free Earth Day Workbook Download

——–>Download Your FREE Earth Day Workbook <——-

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