The Life of a Home Mom

Thanksgiving Dinner with Family

What did you have for Thanksgiving Dinner? We drove down with three delicious pies in the back of the minivan, apple, pumpkin and of course pecan. Who wouldn’t want to eat these right? Yummmy, tastes even better with the cool whip. Now I must state where my sister in law lives is in the middle of no where and you almost miss the exit…actually we did. But the homes over there are breathtaking and make ya wish you won the lottery, the fields are plenty and the children would just love to run these.

For dinner we had:
smoked turkey
deep fry turkey
ham (SoccerBoy is allergic to the bird)
mashed potatoes
turkey or ham gravy
brocolli and melted cheese
many other things I just can’t remember.

What was on your list of food items? It was a lot of fun and the kids played for hours. But we got a glimpse of what our move will sound like with an 8 month old sitting behind us. Ohhh, this is not going to be good. lol

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