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Seen Secure Free is the Best way to Be

I was gifted this book through FrontgateMedia, to let everyone know that it is out.

For most of us, we want to be seen, we want to be noticed and acknowledged. In a world full of technology, many of us have mistakenly placed our value or our worth on whether we are noticed. When we aren’t we can feel crushed, disappointed, or just plain invisible.

About Seen Secure Free Book

Allison Allen has approached this topic differently in her newest book, .” Allison Allen delves into Colossians 3:3, reminding us of the profound truth that our lives are hidden with Christ in God. Through captivating insights drawn from nature, history, and Scripture, she invites readers to embrace a different way of living—one that transcends the relentless pursuit of recognition and applause from the world.

“For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.”

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover within the pages of this transformative book:

  • Let go of the pressure to be recognized and praised by others;
  • Release the resentment that comes from feeling unseen or misunderstood;
  • Find contentment in a loving God who knows you deeply;
  • Find security in a powerful God who establishes your identity, worth, and purpose;
  • Reset your motivations and goals to align with his kingdom; and
  • Feel freed to pursue new adventures with Jesus

“Seen Secure Free” offers a timely message of hope and liberation, reminding us that our significance is not determined by our visibility in the eyes of others, but by our hiddenness in Christ. It’s a journey toward embracing the freedom, joy, and transformative power that come from living a life deeply rooted in God’s love.

How I saw Seen, Secure, Free by Allison Allen

Think of what that verse says, we are hid in Christ. It doesn’t say anything else about being noticed. We are not to worry about things here on Earth (which many of us do) but we are to look up to Heaven. So why do we stress over who notices us?

Does God see me?

Throughout life, I would see God’s footprints in the sand as he walked along my path, but it was in the times I did not see his footprints that worried me. You know the times when everything seems to be going wrong in your life and you just don’t know how much more you can take of it. You drop to your knees in the middle of your living room begging him to do something. Yelling at him in disbelief. Please God, why me? Why have you forgotten me? Help me, I can’t do this alone.

The times when you are so frustrated, scared, or angry and all you get is silence? It is those times that many of us want to know we are Seen by God, that we aren’t invisible. But as Allison reminds us, he sees us, he knows us, and knows His plan for us. We could be in a waiting season for whatever the reason, and only He knows that. We may need time apart from something, a lesson to learn, or just time for His plan to get into action.

Allison talks about the time she came across a Black Whelk on the shoreline of the Outer Banks which was not very common. Finding broken shells, or milky but this one was midnight sky and whole. This one was rare and at a time that she needed a gift.

Seen Secure Free book by Allison Allen and an inside picture of the book

Purchase by Allison Allen here!

Look for the Treasures

While we are waiting do we look around for signs he is there? Sometimes we do but most of the time we just wait for clear answers the way we think we’ll find them. I remember just a few months ago asking God if I was on the right path? This past month while on a daily walk I started noticing “Kindness Rocks” which each one had a message that was perfect for what was going on in my life. I took that as my answer, even kept one that now goes everywhere with me, like Allison and her black whelk. Another time I was praying and I heard him tell me that if he will feed the birds will he not feed me? I kept seeing birds fly across my path that day. Sometimes we must be silent to even hear his message.

What was so special about the Beauty of Hiddenness?

In the case of the black whelk it was the fact that it has to be beneath the sands and deep in the water to be polished and perfect. It took hundreds of years for this shell to become as gorgeous as it did and to be found by her. It was God’s work. This shell would be beautiful, it had been protected from the elements for all those years it would be secure and finally it becomes free. Imagine what that could mean about you and His plan for you.

Yes, go out and get this book, it’ll definitely make you realize that we don’t need to be the most popular or even the one with the most likes and comments. We can just be who we were meant to be, hidden in Christ so he can transform us the way we need to be for His good.

But what if we stopped trying so hard to be seen, recognized, and affirmed by the world around us? What if there’s a different way of living altogether?

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