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Welcome to The Life of a Home Mom! My name is Elizabeth Ferree, and I’m a wife and mother to five wonderful children. My blog is all about helping Christian moms grow in their faith and guide their children on their own faith journeys.

I started The Life of a Home Mom as a way to share my own experiences of rediscovering my faith in God after being away from the church for 15 years. Since then, I’ve been on a journey of growing in my faith and helping my children grow in theirs. I believe that being a Christian mom is a unique and challenging calling, and my goal is to encourage and support other moms on this journey.

Through my blog, I write about how to strengthen your faith, share scripture and Bible verses, and provide Bible craft projects you can do with your kids. I draw from my own experiences and insights as a Christian mom, as well as from the wisdom of others who have helped me along the way. Whether you’re a new mom or a seasoned parent, I hope that my blog will inspire and uplift you.

In addition to being a mom and blogger, I’ve been a freelance writer for the past 17 years. I’ve written for various publications and websites, including WritersExchange, Writerspace, MomGadget, and If you have any questions about my writing experience or would like to work with me, feel free to contact me using the contact page.

At The Life of a Home Mom, we believe in involving our kids in the blogging process. Bella, our eldest daughter, helps out with crafting and makeup posts. Little A, our son, provides insights into the world of video games and Esports. And Nicoli, our youngest son, loves to create art and is eager to start his own YouTube channel. We’re a busy and active family, but we always make time for God and for each other.

Thank you for visiting The Life of a Home Mom! I hope that my blog will inspire and uplift you on your own faith journey. Please feel free to engage with me (contact me here) and my family by leaving comments, asking questions, or sharing your own experiences. Let’s grow in faith together!

About The Life of a Home Mom’s Kids

At “The Life of a Home Mom,” we believe in involving our kids in the blogging process. Here’s a little bit about each of them:

Little A with mom

Little A is 16 years old and passionate about video games and Anime. He also enjoys learning about Esports, listening to music, and playing Dungeons & Dragons and Pokémon.

Nicoli playing the Giant Tower Game

Nicoli is 9 years old and loves reading, watching YouTube, playing board games (especially Munchkins and Exploding Minions), and creating art. He has been asking if he can have his own YouTube channel, and we’re considering it!

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Thank you for visiting “The Life of a Home Mom.” We hope our blog encourages and inspires you on your faith journey as a mom.

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