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Roar Like a Lion 90-Day Devotional for Kids

Disclosure: Many thanks to Thomas Nelson for providing this product/product information for review.  Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.  I did receive the product in exchange for this review and post.

Little A (age 14) and Nicoli (age 8) recently got ROAR LIKE A LION devotional for kids in the mail. I immediately loved the front cover, it is a giant roaring lion which always makes me think of the worship song. But the thing that drew me in is the author is Levi Lusko, you may remember when I wrote about Take Back your life in 40 Days devotional I got.

Levi Lusko, author

Whether your child already has a devotional or not, this is definitely something that would pair nicely with his other one. This way you can be reading and doing one, while your child is doing one geared towards them by the same author. With the new school year here now is the time to get them those little helpers. You never really know what they are going through but God knows and he waits. Allow him in a little closer with this devotional and let them rely on him for their heart and soul.

Thoughts from a Reader

Little A said his favorite part of the book is Day 21, the chapter “Game Over” because it teaches you (the reader) that even when it looks like the devil is winning God wins no matter what in the end. It gives you hope and you know if you are with God team you are on the winning team.

Nicoli loved that the cover had all different shapes to form a lion. Nicoli loved so many different journal posts, he didn’t do this in order. He went by pictures. He loves Day 35 Turn off the Dark (being a light for others) and Day 59 The Sunshine Times (all about blessings). We both really liked that they ask us to start a blessing journal, which if you’ve read my blog you know we even have a blessing jar so this is right up our alley.

Let your child roar with Roar like a lion

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Isabella took a peek to see what it was all about (age 18) and while this isn’t really geared for her she liked Day 25, What are you waiting for. She says she kind of relates to it because she wants to be a lawyer and fix all the wrongs in the world. But she has to wait, it can’t be immediate. Reading this made me realize there are so many things I can already do now to begin making a difference.

About Roaring Like a Lion Devotional

With eye-catching art, fascinating stories and facts, Bible verses and prayers, and simple action steps, this 90-day (3 months, a season) devotional will help your kids approach both fun moments and tough times with their hearts set on God’s faithfulness. Each devotional starts off with a fun graphic directly above the verse for that day. A short story followed by a one-two-line prayer they can do.

Facts and Activities to Grow your Faith

Get ready to Roar or a Did you know” column to make you think or inform you of something that goes with the lesson.

Ex: On Devotional Day 58 you are learning to be neighborly (you know love your neighbor) and it gives you an action you can take for that day. Take a walk around your neighborhood and it goes on to what kinds of things you can do to be kind and show them you love them as God loves them. Keep in mind you might be the only person they see or the only person they know that follows God so you definitely want it to count. I love that each section really gives you more to do besides just reading the lesson and writing about it. Now you get to take action or learn more, grow your faith in God.

Roar Like a Lion has relevant topics

These are all topics in which our kids face today, even ones we dealt with at their age. But honestly, everything they face today seems to be harder and even earlier than we did.

  • Facing fears about school and friendships
  • Dealing with peer pressure and bullying
  • Handling new challenges, disappointments, and grief
  • Having courage to try something new
  • Understanding how we each fit into God’s great story

Interested in getting this book for your kids? Maybe you already have it, if you do you may want to get the parent’s guide to help them get more out of it.

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