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Ordinary Angel is a Great Family Movie!

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Have you ever been tested by God? Have you eveer wondered where or when God was going to help you out?

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I definitely have and I’m sure others have that are reading this. Sometimes someone has to get to a breaking point before we finally get that miracle that we are hoping for. Have you ever experienced this or even seen an angel? Not always are people lucky enough to meet an Angel, but sometimes we are lucky to have some ordinary angels in our lives that truly make a difference.

I was lucky enough to get to watch a screener for Ordinary Angel the movie. It starts off with two different stories, which definitely pull you in from the beginning. There is a birth of a little girl (Michelle) in one story, which it shows a few years later the mom has just passed away from cancer. You get to see how the dad (Ed, played by Alan Ritchson) struggles with two little girls on his own. Medical bills come soon after the death of his wife. When anyone loses a loved one it is hard, especially your partner. To imagine the fear of medical debt but his own child has medical issues. This is a man that has a lot of pride and wants to provide for his girls. Can he let his pride go in order to save his child?

In the second story we watch as a woman (Sharon, played by Hilary Swank) is constantly drinking. Her friend pulls a last ditch effort to help her friend by dropping her off at an AA meeting and explaining if she can’t get help they will basically be done. She does stay at the meeting, shocking to me because many will just walk away and she hears someone say they must find something larger than themselves before they can finally get help. Sharon struggles because as we all know very seldom does one meeting solve everything.

A little about Ordinary Angels Movie

Based on a remarkable true story, ORDINARY ANGELS centers on Sharon (Hilary Swank), a fierce but struggling hairdresser in small-town Kentucky who discovers a renewed sense of purpose when she meets Ed (Alan Ritchson), a widower working hard to make ends meet for his two daughters. With his youngest daughter waiting for a liver transplant, Sharon sets her mind to helping the family and will move mountains to do it. What unfolds is the inspiring tale of faith, everyday miracles, and ordinary angels.

The fact that this movie is a true story really gets you in the emotions. To think of a parent going through this. The oss of your spouse only to discover your own child has cancer and the hospital bills are stacking up. What would one do? What would you do?

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Back to Ordinary Angel

I won’t reveal everything but Sharon (a hairdresser) is struggling with the bottle but we also discover some secrets about her. She does feel pulled when she sees Michelle in the newspaper and it talks about her mother passing away and now she needs a kidney. She decides to show up for the mother’s funeral but alcohol can be smelled around her and immediately Ed wants to protect his kids.

Michelle becomes Sharon’s higher calling (her purpose) and she is pulled to help her in every way possible and she just happens to know how to do hair. She is determined to help with the cost, but fundraisers can’t compete with a snow storm. Will helping this little girl pull her into sobriety? If she fails will she relapse?

This is definitely a film you’ll want a few tissues nearby but it is one that you can discuss with the family about how prayer can definitely help when it looks like all hope is lost. You will leave feeling inspired and wanting to be an angel in someone’s life. Purchase your tickets today!


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