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Review: Take Back Your Life 40 Day Journey

Take back your life by Levi Lusko

What’s your life look like? Is it crazy busy? Are you lost? Maybe your life was doing just fine and suddenly it got away from you somehow. It is just out of reach and you feel utterly out of control? I know once I got married and started having kids I got lost along the way. I don’t know many moms that haven’t felt that way a time or two. With the help of Levi Lusko’s book “Take back your Life: 40 day Journey” you can take out all those negative thoughts and begin not only thinking right but living right.

40 Days Means a Lot!

Levi tells us how certain numbers means something not just to us as humans but to God as well. We see proof in the bible many times. Each morning you start off for that day a devotion and it is broken up by the week (7 days, it was done, completed) for the next 40 days. He says life begins at 40, which I loved to hear since I’m new in the 40s and was starting to feel a bit old with the body pains and the silver hair showing. (I have 5 kids that love to tell me this) He mentions the 40 years Moses took being someone he wasn’t, 40 years he was discovering himself through God’s love, 40 years Noah & his family were on the ark (40 days and 40 nights of rain), 40 days to find the promised land. Jesus spent 40 days fasting in the desert with the devil trying to tempt him. 40 means a lot. 7 also means something in the bible, it took 7 days to create it all.

The Daily Devotional

Each day starts off with a daily scripture. Who doesn’t like that? Get to know the Lord and read his word and figure out how to apply it to your life while drinking your beverage of choice in the morning. Be prepared to dig in deep though, Lusko doesn’t play around. He gets right to talking about his insights, reminds you of the lies you’ve probably told yourself or heard and then gives you God’s proof in scripture on how he really feels. Wow. Finally, each day has about 10-20 questions you can ask yourself. This is where things can get tough.

Look in the Mirror, no really!

Seriously go to your bathroom and look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? Who do you see? I’m guessing you are picking out all your flaws. STOP! God made you this way, he created you in HIS image (Genesis 1:27), he knitted you in your mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13). Wow!

Levi takes a moment to remind us of this. That got me to thinking, as I held the mirror to my face and at first I was picking at the lines around my eyes and cheeks, the silver that was trying to gain attention by hanging over my eyes.

I’ve lived a life, I’ve felt every emotion, of course I have lines like on a map. I haven’t been frozen in time, sometimes I have wished it. But this means I’ve watched my kids grow, laughed and cried. I’ve experienced life! HE still has me on this earth for a reason. I may not look young and fresh anymore but I’m wiser than I once was. You aren’t ordinary either, you are EXTRAORDINARY! You were created with a purpose in mind. He knit you to be different for a reason, HE has a plan just for YOU. (Jeremiah 29:11)

What Masks do You Wear?

Levi dips into the discussion of masks, which is perfectly timed with our current situation around the globe. We can easily mask away our faces in a crowd now never having to fully show who we are or how we are truly feeling. You can buy them with designs of smiley or scary faces or plain. He isn’t meaning our masks we wear to the store though, he is meaning the fake ones we put on to hide our pain, protect us from our insecurities, etc.

I’ve worn the smiley face one even when I’m sad, lost or feeling lonely. I do it so no one sees, everyone thinks everything is okay. I’d rather not have to deal with the questions because then tears fall or it has meant I had to face whatever was going on. I learned this from a young age and have continued it throughout my adult years. He gives us a list of masks that many of us have worn at least once in our lives. Sometimes we wear them for comfort, other times we’ve worn them due to wanting to pretend everything away. The only thing it does is become a fake us and by wearing them, as Levi states, we are masking away God’s blessings for us. OUCH!

I’ve only gotten through 10 days but already I know things are changing in my head. That first week alone was a hard one for me. Be prepared!

His questions can really get to you. Answer honestly because that is the only way to thinking right. As you go through this journey remember to think of all those lies and replace them with God’s honest truth about who YOU really are. I definitely recommend Take Back Your Life and if you decide to take it I’d love to walk through it with you.

Here’s a 4 Day Devotional for Kids by Levi Lusko

About the Author

Levi Lusko is the founder and lead pastor of Fresh Life Church, located in Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, and Utah. He is the bestselling author of Through the Eyes of a Lion, Swipe Right, and I Declare War. Levi also travels the world speaking about Jesus. He and his wife, Jennie, have one son, Lennox, and four daughters: Alivia, Daisy, Clover, and Lenya, who is in heaven.

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