The Life of a Home Mom

Momma’s Gone Crazy!!

Oh all day I kept mixing up what day it was. Is it true that once us moms have kids we lose part of our memory? I feel like I’m going crazy, I forget what day it is and how old I am…now before I get you all worried I don’t forget important stuff like who my kids are or when they go to school. I don’t do forget when they have school days off. For instance, this morning I woke up at 5 a.m. at 6:30 I went upstairs to make the kids get dressed for school.

My daughter quickly got dressed and started making her lunch. SoccerBoy was no where in sight. I went upstairs and yanked the covers off him, “Mooooom!”

“Get up, get dressed, school day.”

“But it’s spring break, YOU said I could sleep until 9!” Acck, that’s right I forgot. Oops, oh well.

Do you have moments like these? Please tell me you do.

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