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But God Can by Becky Kiser

I was gifted this book through FrontgateMedia, to let everyone know that it is out.

But God Can: How to Stop Striving and Live Purposefully and Abundantly by Becky Kiser is a book that addresses the pressures and confusing messages that Christian women often face in today’s culture.

When I was asked if I’d like to read this book the opening lines that drew me in were feelings of loneliness, inadequacy and how to get unstuck. These are all the feelings I’ve been having and the fact that I’m always trying to please everyone no matter what. You know the “I’m just not enough” feeling. So yes, I wanted to see what But God Can could say to me. I mean I want to know what is holding me back, I’ve been asked this by many people and the truth is I just never really knew.

This book is written in a conversational tone, you actually feel like the two of you are gathered in the living room and just chatting about life. Something I kind of need right now as I’m sure many other women do too. We will discover we don’t have to live up to being enough because no matter what God is.

Throughout each chapter there is a prayer for you to say, questions, and a challenge. If you are anything like me you love a good challenge. But there are also questions that will make you sit and ponder what she said. Kiser walks you through the lies we have all been told, makes you think about what is holding you back. (For me it fear most times from both success and failure, crazy I know.) By the end of this book you’ll be on the path to figuring out what holds you back, and how to rekindle the dreams you’ve had and how God will place His will in your life. Are you ready?

My favorite, not so favorite one was the Love Yourself Chapter. First I never thought about that verse in Mark that says “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Somehow I skipped the self part, I thought it was to be selfish to think of ourselves. Maybe one reason us women have a hard time with self compassion and self care.

Don’t worry she dives further into both of those. She even gives you an exercise like the next time your self-judgement comes into your head write it all down and then go back and write it with compassion. You know change it up. If you do this each time you will start to focus on the compassion. See, since September in a way I’ve been on a healing, self-love type of journey. I worried it might be a bit selfish and have been praying about it. The day I was reading this chapter my oldest son sent me a TikTok that dealt with self-love, not hardening our hearts, etc. Another was a service all about women not having their oil run out. To me this was all telling me I was on the right path.

But God can

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As ladies we tend to try to do EVERYTHING ourselves. Am I right? But reading this book shows me that we need to stop being overwhelmed with everything and just GIVE IT over to God. I know, I know if you can just do this, this and this and if you don’t do something everything will fall out of place. Right? No one can do it if you don’t get it done. But God Can

Imagine all your burdens, lies, etc all laid out on your dining room table. This can be really heavy, at least for my dining room table with its weak legs (myself even) But God was a carpenter, so he is already in the process of either making a much sturdier table for you or at least those legs. Now he’s made you table better, sturdy legs, he has included extensions so the problems aren’t all on top of one another. See with God anything is possible and I think that’s what she shows us. We have the give it over to him because he can do anything.

Figure out the lies that you’ve been told for you to believe everything is on you. Or that you can’t do something because you are female or you aren’t enough why? See I’ve been going through a lot lately and thinking what am I going to do, but that’s the wrong statement. I should’ve been saying I can’t do it But God Can.

The central message of the book is that you don’t have to be enough because God is more than enough. On your own, you can’t, but God totally can.

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