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Secret Sibling Santa Shopping

The Secret Sibling Santa Exchange

We decided to add a new tradition to our family this year, we would have the kids draw names and do a sort of Secret Santa Exchange, which has now been dubbed as the “Secret Sibling Santa.” Have you ever done this?

Rules for Secret Siblings Santa Exchange

For those that have never heard of Secret Santa here is the basic idea. Toss everyone’s name in a hat and draw.  If they draw their own name they toss it back in and draw again. Now the secret part is not telling the person they have until after gifts have been opened. To add to the fun, you can let the guesser try to figure it out first before revealing it, but only after the presents have all been opened.

Girls vs Boys in Secret Siblings Santa Exchange

The girls drew the boys and their match, in other words the oldest girl drew the oldest boy which just had me laughing when the youngest girl drew the youngest boy. I mean it was just perfect and of course my oldest boy drew the oldest girl, etc. This also meant boys got mom a gift and girls got dad one. So here’s what they got each other:
Let the Games Begin!
Soccerboy got BalletGirl a CD, BalletGirl got SoccerBoy a bucket of Army men. Now I know her gift sounds silly but he recently told me he wished he could be a kid so he could get some. He said he understood why no one got him toys and just DVDs, CDs and games but he hoped to get one toy, he even suggested a few which army men were on that list. I shared the news with his sisters before we even decided to do the secret sibling.
Little A got BabyGirl a Baby MyLittlePony in a crib for her castle, she got him Thomas the train tracks and such. I think the two were a perfect match up. As for the parents, I’m not sure what mom (me) got, but daddy got Edward Scissorhands and Jenga. Now it was actually funny how this came about, BalletGirl (was with me) and couldn’t find anime (daddy’s favorite) in Target so we started thinking toys and games when she came across that I guess her mind was made up.
I quickly called daddy (before she let me know this) and asked for hints, he informed me of two movies (One above and Tom & Jerry), when I told her (after I hung up) she was all.  “Nope. Daddy wants this I know, he’ll have so much fun and so will we.” haha. How can you argue with logic like that.
Once at the line I asked her one last time between the two movies, she insisted on Jenga but her baby brother grabbed scissorhands and wouldn’t let it go and kept saying daddy. So that’s how it was picked. oh and it is hailing outside.

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