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Disney Family Fun Easter Crafts for the Kids

As ya’ll know I have four kids and something you may or may not remember is I love almost every single holiday that comes by. So it shouldn’t surprise you that I have been craft mad lately and will be posting crafts and how to make them in the next few days since Easter is around the corner. As a mom to 5 kids I always love to do crafts with them and I typically celebrate one holiday every month.

Have you seen the Family Fun Magazine yet? It has a ton of Easter crafts in it and here’s a few of them. (thanks to Hannah Plotkin for sending this to me) I know my kids will want to do craft 1 and 2 first.


Easter Crafts Sheep

Sheep Egg: Courtesy of hard-boiled eggs, vibrant egg dye, a cute pipe cleaner stand, and some glued-on details (paper ears, pom-pom nose, and so on), this critter is an Easter favorite.

Easter Crafts Sock Bunny

Sock Hop: Make your own bunny beanbag and get some use from the single socks left behind. These are quick and easy to make. Using a sock, you cut it down the center (from where your foot goes in) about 2.5 inches on both sides. Fill the sock up with beans, put a rubber band around it to tie it off. Fill up the next part to make a head, tie it off the same way. To ensure beans don’t spill out tie the two ears together and stick the rubber band on after. Place and small ribbon around the two portions to form a neck.

Easter Crafts Egg Accordion

Pop-up Eggs: Make your Easter extra festive with this 3-D paper egg. The secret to its look is colorful, accordion-folded paper strips.

Count the Days Till Easter: Save the eggs for dyeing, then use the carton to build anticipation for the bunny’s visit with this surprise recycled “calendar”.- Egg Pedestal: Display your finest blown egg on this easy-to-make stand.


The Great Egg Drop: Kids construct protective coverings around raw eggs before dropping onto a target below. The goal is to hit the bull’s eye without breaking the eggs – making a little bit of a mess and a lot of fun memories!

Less Sugary Easter Egg Hunts: Fill plastic eggs with puzzle pieces to make Easter egg hunts more fun and less sugary.

A Kid-Friendlier Way to Dye Eggs: Put the eggs in wire whisks, and dip away!

Here’s a few more crafts that your kids might enjoy and don’t forget to stop by my Easter Pinterest page for craft ideas and meals.

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