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Christmas Traditions

Holiday Traditions – Do you have a holiday tradition that has been in your family for years? Have you started one yourself with your own kids?

Every year we make a Growing Reindeer, which is used by tracing the hands and one foot. The foot is used as the reindeer’s head and the hands are his antlers. Plus, right before 25 days of Christmas the kids and I will make a countdown chain and each link has something for us to do that day.

As Christmas draws near we get ready by preparing our holiday menu, very much like our Halloween Menu but Christmas Style. We aren’t anywhere near family so we don’t get any visitors around this time of year. Christmas eve is spent watching every Christmas movie I can think of, drinking hot chocolate with LOTS of marshmallows and baking cookies for Santa.

One tradition I forgot to mention…we aren’t your typical wait until Christmas to open presents. Instead we kind of start this 5 days before Christmas, no we aren’t Hanukkah or any other religion, this is just something we’ve always done. You can say it’s because when SoccerBoy was younger we couldn’t wait to see the look on his face and we’ve kept it since then. By Christmas Eve all gifts have been open, except for those family members sent and Santa’s gifts. Told ya it was different.

What are some of your favorite Christmas Traditions?

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