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Net Jet Rulz!

Net Jet Rulz!

Well at least that’s what SoccerBoy says. About two weeks ago we were asked to review a Net Jet. At first I had no clue what it was, in fact I thought the email was an ad or spam.

Hasbro Sends Net Jet

Once I read the entire email I realized they really wanted Homemom3 to review the product. I asked SoccerBoy if he’d like to review some Hasbro products. He knows Hasbro has toys so immediately he said, “YES!” I wrote back saying yes we’d love to review anything they wanted to send us.

Net Jet Arrives

We were surprised when the Net Jet arrived, inside the box were two games and the controller which had demo games. With each games you can try out the sample games, but you can pick three games to download onto the game itself.

Remember you already had one game on it to begin with. Oh the controller is small enough it can slip into a purse/diaper bag and be carried around with you on road trips, the keys have a clip that you can clip them to just about anything. Our keys are connected to my small camera bag, now if we stopped at a hotel that had internet access he could play it.

I did ask SoccerBoy his opinion on the Net Jet: (like I really needed to do that)

“I like it, I don’t want to give it back to them.” I did have to explain we were keeping it and he smiled, “Okay then I really like it but I hate how long it takes to load a game.”

What was your favorite game? So far Paintball, once I beat that I’ll tell you if I like any others.

Before ya ask we have been trying out other games but his main focus is Paintball. I even played with the machine, I liked Bubble Bonanza! best. Oh and the funny thing is I got hooked on the game, it’s better than video games like xbox, or the playstation. At least this doesn’t take rock science to load.

Net Jet Instructions

– Take it out of the package. (not easy to do, don’t use box cutters to try this)
– Place desired game in slot in the controller (slides right in)
plug the USB cord (controller) into your computer and load it. (takes you to the game page)
– Select the game you want to play and wait for it to load

Here is exactly what we got:
Hasbro Net Jet Online Gaming System $24.95
Net Jet Booster Key – Mission Paintball $14.99
Net Jet Booster Keys – Marble Blast XP $14.99

As you can see by the price they aren’t bad, in fact they are cheaper than most video games for my son’s Gameboy Advance. He has already asked me if he can get a few more instead of one of the Games he had previously asked for. There are 10 game keys on the Hasbro site and I hear they have more coming out. There are a lot that little kids will enjoy from Spongebob to Fairy Oddparents. One more thing, you aren’t bombarded with TONS of ads.

Hasbro: I’ve got one request for ya, make some two player games. I think my kids would have a blast competing against each other. Hmmm, maybe a side by side race car one?

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