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My Family Photo At Nanny’s Funeral

Our family photo, this was taken after my Nanny’s Funeral (This is the reason we are all the black).  While this was a very sad time (funeral of a beloved family member) I do believe this is one of the best family photos we have. Figure the other is missing our youngest and BabyGirl is only 6 months in it. (Now you’ve seen all of us)
I won’t lie this was a stressful time period. We had just moved, I was in college class and had assignments due which meant I was doing them on the road. Thank goodness for internet and laptops. But worse was I knew this would be emotionally hard. I loved my Nanny so much and loved hearing her stories of her childhood or being a young mom. Today as I reflect on this time period I really wish we had more time for those stories. I love my family and all the stories they have to share.
This was just after we got out of the military and moved to civilian life. Let me tell ya if ya didn’t know military and civilian life are two totally separate things. If you aren’t prepared for it you will be hit by a huge culture shock. Things are so different between base life and non-military life.
The kids no longer went to schools on the base. Kids behave differently as well, I think on the base the kids in general (not just mine) knew if they didn’t behave their parents got in trouble. Here things were different.
One funny thing was that if a group of kids were playing basketball and an adult yelled, “Pull up your pants.” Suddenly they all stopped what they were doing and did it. My son had his pants accidentally drop while playing and I was referring to him but a few of the others thought it was them. While military life is no longer part of our daily lives I do think my family will do just fine.

11 thoughts on “My Family Photo At Nanny’s Funeral

  1. What a lovely family pic despite the sad event 🙂

  2. Despite the circumstances, it IS a great shot of all of you!

  3. QuiltedSimple says:

    Great photo of all of you, even if it wasn't a happy time!

  4. blueviolet says:

    It actually really is a lovely photo! Beautiful family!

  5. What a lovely family! The all-black looks sharp (even if it happened for a sad reason…)

  6. Upstatemomof3 says:

    That is a great family photo. You all look amazing!!

  7. Found your site quite by accident and as everyone else mentioned… it is a very nice shot of your family.


  8. The circumstances are unfortunate but it is a beautiful family picture. 🙂

  9. Maria @ LSS says:

    Sorry to hear about the sad event but you have a beautiful family.

  10. Simply Delicious says:

    It's a beautiful family photo.

  11. That is an awesome picture of y'all!

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