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Introduce a Child to Music With a Baby Grand Digital Piano

  Why The Baby Grand Digital Piano Should Be Under Your Tree this year

Disclosure: We were sent the piano for review purposes, opinions and picture are our own. This is definitely part of my Holiday Gift Guide. I do believe in everything I am stating, there may be affiliate links. If you click a link I could earn a few pennies. 

Baby Grand Digital Piano for Young Ones
Baby Grand Digital Piano for Young Ones

I have always believed in teaching a child at least one musical instrument if you can. Nicoli likes the piano, every time we are in the store he wants to push the keys and bob his head to it. He isn’t hard on them, he’s gentle like one should be. I was given the chance to pick out anything in a catalog and I couldn’t think of anything besides the Digital Piano that reminded me so much of the Grand Piano. Yes, he got a Baby Grand Digital Piano. I was worried it would be too small but it is the perfect size and he looks adorable sitting up on the bench as he pushes the keys.

Note: It is really easy to put together. You’ll have it up and ready within seconds of taking it out of the box. 

Baby Grand Piano Keys
Baby Grand Piano Keys

I know not all of us can afford to get our child an instrument or in music classes.  Honestly even a small recorder costs less than $5 over at the Dollar Store. As a child I wanted to play the clarinet but we couldn’t afford it so I missed out on that. I would also discover the piano but we lived too far away from the lady that wanted to teach me. I have always loved the sound of music but haven’t been able to play it. This is probably why when my kids have shown an interest I have always tried my best to get them into it.

Baby Grand Piano is a digital piano that is child-sized to inspire the pianist that may lay inside your child. Nicoli could not wait to sit on his little bench and pretend to play music. He loves putting it on demo so he can hear the songs, especially “Au Clair De La Lune.”  His 13 yr old sister has been teaching him how to play jingle bells. His 16 yr old sister plans on teaching him a few other songs once he gets jingle bells down.

Baby Grand Digital Piano
HammacherSchlemmer: Baby Grand Piano

Baby Grand Digital Piano Features:
The piano has a 3″ LCD panel above the keyboard that displays animated keys, left and right hands, and a metronome.
12 Lesson Song book
Learning Mode for the 12 songs.
8 Different instrument selections
8 different rhythm selections
6 different drum sounds
Temp up and down
1 stool
37 Keys

Note: It does take 4 AA batteries
Did you know the cost of a piano class (sessions) can go anywhere from $15-45 for 30 minutes? That price can go up depending on where you live and how many there are that teach it. How much is this little piano? $129.95  <– You can order your Baby Grand Piano here.

The piano requires less than 3′ sq. of floor space and its 37 keys provide a more manageable teaching tool. For us it fit perfectly in the corner of the living room, just behind the front door. Even when the door opens it is perfectly safe. He loves to be in the corner because the music bounces around him in the corner of the room.

5 Tips on Teaching a Toddler The Piano:

Step 1: Make it fun!
Step 2: Try learning it yourself when your child is busy/sleeping. There are learning modes that will help you both out.
Step 3: Keep in mind they will lose focus. Teach them little pieces at a time, let them get the hang of it.
Step 4: Always clap for them. No matter what, they want to see that you are proud of them.
Step 5: Don’t force it. If they like it, they will continue to go back. If they don’t they’ll scream, kick, fight you on it and then hate it.

Do NOT expect your child to know every key or how to read music immediately. It takes time and patience.

This is a beautiful instrument that would make many children happy on Christmas or their birthday. Did you ever play the piano as a child? Do you still play the piano? Don’t forget to stop by HammacherSchlemmer to view all the other gift ideas they have for newborns, kids and adults. I love their music boxes and musical section.

5 thoughts on “Introduce a Child to Music With a Baby Grand Digital Piano

  1. Tracy Shafer says:

    This is adorable! What a great idea.

  2. Music is so important. I started with a recorder and went on to learn the clarinet.

  3. Richard Hicks says:

    I love these cute pianos. Perfect for getting them started.

  4. craftyone says:

    I really like this idea. Too cute…I wish the tux was included! 🙂

  5. Oh I wish it were included. Sadly I haven’t been able to run out and grab one yet. I do want to take a picture of him in one and playing his piano. He plays it every day.

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