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Holiday Gift Guide: Thomas Kinkade Music Box

Disclosure: I received a sample of the product for review purposes to include in this giveaway from #MomentumInfluencerNetwork. There may be affiliate links in this post, if you click on a link and purchase I will make a little money. Thank you for that!

Have you ever heard of a Thomas Kincade Music Box? I knew of the paintings but never the music boxes. I absolutely LOVE music boxes since I was a little girl.

Little Girl’s Music Box

I can remember my little ballerina spinning around in my music box as a little girl. You lifted the top and she’d spring up and dance on a spring. The pink velvet lined box would hold all my little rings and earrings and under there’d be a drawer I could pull out to keep my necklaces which I had my secret notes instead.

The Crystal Thomas Kincade Music Box

Christmas Town - Thomas Kincade Music Box

As an adult I still fancy music boxes but now I want them to be nicer quality and pretty. One I found that fits this is the Thomas Kinkade Crystal Music Box. This is lovely and lovely doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Thomas Kincade Holiday Collection Music Box

I placed my order and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. I know when you order something online it might look a lot different when it arrives at your front door, but not this.

I got the Holiday Collection with a tiny little village right under the lid. The tiny New England village, that has recently received their first snowfall….or at least that is what I tell my kids.

Thomas Kincade Music Box

Kincade’s Music Box still has the Details

They have little two story Victorian homes, frosted evergreens, and everyone is coming out to enjoy the snowfall. You have kids building a snowman, another on a sled and a man in a horse drawn carriage. There are carolers singing, a red car and two people sitting on a park bench watching the ice skaters.

It’s a Holiday Music Box

In the center is a tree getting decorated, a bridge with people walking over it and as the music plays, “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” skaters go round and round the tree. Every item is detailed just like you’d imagine a Thomas Kinkade painting would be. I love the details and the adorable village.

Thomas Kincade Music Box Images

This Music Box is Heavy

The entire music box is made of crystal, which makes this little box quite heavy. (3lbs) One tip, it is a bit hard to open because it is magnetized so when it shuts it shuts with a snap. Watch out for your fingers. Other than that little thing this is a beautiful piece to add to your collection.

Price of a Thomas Kincade Music Box

I keep it on my bookshelf and that is where it will stay, I’m not putting this away when my Christmas decor gets put in storage. I think this would make a great gift for any occasion not just Christmas.

HammerSchlemmer has a lifetime guarantee on this so if you ever find something wrong with it they will replace it. This handcrafted music box is available for $99.95.

8 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide: Thomas Kinkade Music Box

  1. How am I not done shopping?!?! I still have so many people on my list. This is a beautiful music box, and would be a lovely choice.

  2. Wow – what a beautiful box. It looks like it’s really well made too. That’s a special gift for sure!

  3. It’s really a pretty box and such a nice keepsake. I think it’s an incredible gift idea.

  4. Thomas Kinkade reminds me of my mom. She has one of his huge beautiful paintings in her home. This music box is beautiful and full of whimsy!

  5. I have a friend this would be perfect for. She loves all things Thomas Kinkade and this is adorable!

  6. Very pretty! Theres something so magical about music boxes

  7. This is beautiful! I love the detail!

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