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Stocking Stuffer Idea: Quarto Game

Disclosure: We were provided two games for review purposes. All pictures and opinions are our own.

Quarto game

I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for those really great board games for Christmas and this year it is Quarto. For those that read my blog you should already know that every Friday the kids and I play Family Board Game Night. After a long week of being apart and running around it is fun to look forward to something like this.

Being a board game family you get a ton of games, some are good and some not so good. With five kids you want a game that can stand up to five different ages, if ya know what I mean. I LOVE wooden games because of this fact, plus they look really great to be displayed on my nice, black corner desk that sits proudly in my living room. Looking for something like that? Good, look into Quarto by GigamicWorld.

Quarto Game Night

Great Family Game:
First, I want to state this is ONLY a two player game, not meant for the whole family. Of course with that being stated, this doesn’t mean you can’t challenge and then the winner plays another person, etc.  Quarto game for me is pretty easy to explain at least for my kids. “It’s like Connect four, but not in a cage.” Another child said, “yes it is like Chess and Connect Four combined.” Getting an idea there?

quarto game pieces

The Pieces:
You’ve got a wooden board with a diamond of circle shapes in the middle. Each player takes a turn to lay a peg anywhere on the board. The goal is to connect four in a row. Each piece is different, some are short, tall, solid and with a hole in them. They can even connect four with those.  4 solids in a row, yes that would include using the other players own colors against them.

Fun For ages 8+ (even three year olds like it)

Did I state you don’t actually have pieces of your own? Yeah, they are all on the side and your opponent actually picks your piece. So it is slightly harder than you originally thought.   Oh it is so much fun and frustrating. You really have to watch the entire board to see what is going on. This is a total thinkers game. I love it!

Looking for a few more ways to teach the younger ones that’ll want to play? See if they can stack the pieces on top of one another. Teach them about patterns and see if they can make some and talk about them. This is the perfect game for that because there are circles, squares, some have holes in the top, some don’t. Talk about same and different. There are two colors, brown and yellow. See if they can line up 4 circles, etc. Yes, there are rules for the game but this doesn’t mean the younger ones can’t learn something from it too. Teach them these simple things and then have them watch everyone play, they will catch on pretty quickly…….

Gigamic games is celebrating two anniversaries this year.  Quarto is celebrating the 25th Anniversary while Quoridor is celebrating 20th.  Many of the puzzle and strategy games have educational benefits while the wooden games also make beautiful (yet functional) decorations as coffee table games, on home bars, in man caves and on desks. Many of the tin games are great for travel and will make fantastic stocking stuffers. They are fun, casual games with short teaching time and are fast to play. Gigamic makes quality games that stand the test of time especially with my fives kids.

Still looking for some Brain Games to put under your Christmas Tree this year?


This two will fit inside a stocking beautifully with their tins.

El Capitan
Panic Lab

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2 thoughts on “Stocking Stuffer Idea: Quarto Game

  1. Keri justice says:

    We’re always looking for new games. We love to play games as a family a few nights a week!

  2. John Smith says:

    That looks like a well designed game!

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