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Katamino: A Puzzle for All Ages

Disclosure: We were sent Katamino for review purposes. Honestly I think this would make a great game to any household or classroom.

Katamino Puzzle box with puzzle

My youngest is always looking for something to challenge him and regular puzzles just don’t seem to keep him occupied for long. As soon as he does it one time he tends to have it memorized. I was so excited when I found a gorgeous wooden puzzle that would not only challenge him but the family as well. Katamino is a puzzle that is constantly changing no matter who is playing or which way you start it. This is a great way to get the young and old to stimulate their brain, get one going and trying to figure out how to get all the pieces to fit together nicely.

Everyone in my family loves playing board games, it doesn’t matter what type. Some like the brain games that you have to really think out or strategy. Others like smart games that you have to know math or facts. Nicoli loves puzzle games and memory, he’s got one of those minds that just amazes me.  I like games that can be displayed in the living room, on end tables and of course ready to be brought to the table/floor at a moments notice.

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katamino puzzle game
Katamino: A puzzle Game for All

This is a great game that can be done by yourself or with another player. There are 12 pentaminos which means you can split it in two (using the slider) and see if you can get them all to fit up to 6. Challenge yourself by timing how long it takes for you to do a full board or half a board. If you can do this keep sliding the slider over to see if you can keep doing it with less space.

Nicoli loves doing this by himself and pulling out the book to copy what the pictures show. Honestly, I didn’t really think he was ready for it. But he proved me wrong. He really can do it with or without the book. This little guy has a thinkers mind, he can think further ahead on pieces which is really neat to watch. Yes as you can see he even did the block. Oh and not pictured Nicoli and BabyGirl worked together on making a small village that reminded me of Mine Craft.

katamino puzzle
Katamino: The Brain Game. Can you do it?

Katamino calls on thinking ability and develops observation skills.  The game becomes harder and harder as you place the pieces on the board. This is a game that is meant for all ages, 3 yrs to 99 years old. As long as you can move the pieces and follow the pictures you can do it. But I must admit not all of us can do it in the time allotted.

The kids loved trying the different structures, especially trying to make the animals (elephant, cat, duck), cubes, etc. Nicoli could do this, but I had a harder time getting the pieces together without using a book.

Includes 10 pentaminos, 3 small brown, and 5 small red pieces, 1 setting stick, 1 grid, instructions. For 1 or 2 players ages 3 and up.

Play by yourself or as a pair.
Great for developing spatial intelligence.
Great for children for children 3 years and older and adults too.

P.S. The box itself is very sturdy, which I love with my family of seven.

katamino brain game
Katamino Puzzle Game: Challenge accepted!

The pieces are chunky which is perfect for little hands and older hands that have a harder time grasping. They are different colors and bright which also makes it attractive and fun. I highly recommend Katamino for purely entertainment purposes or holiday gifts. The best part is it would make a great gift for any age.

Where Can You Purchase it?
You can purchase Katamino on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, local games stores. I saw one today at Barnes & Noble when I took Nicoli to story hour. He thought we were allowed to play with it because we have it at home. Oops. 

If you plan on traveling for the holidays there is a pocket Katamino that holds the pieces in a small travel box that connects with the board.

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Katamino puzzle game

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