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Little Live Pets Turtles: Hot Christmas Gift

Little Live Pets Turtles for Your Little Ones

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little live pet tank
Lil Live Pets Turtle Tank for Swimming

Little Live Pets Turtles will Make a Great Christmas Gift

These adorable creatures are hitting every child’s wish list this Christmas. Little Live Pet Turtles  (find the turtles here) seem to be all the rage this year for kids between the ages of 5 and 15 years. I know my nieces and nephews have bought a few Little Live Pets Turtles and frogs over this past year. Why are they a hit? There isn’t much telling, but you might start to think about it being the next best thing to the actual live turtles that you would buy at the pet store. Let me tell you, I kind of wish that’s how we would start our first pet here in this house.

Our Live Pets Turtles

For now, we have Squirtle (Yes, my oldest is a Pokemon fan), our actual live pet turtle that lives in a fish tank in our dining room. I got her for my oldest son when he graduated high school. It was the only thing he asked for and I thought it made a great graduation gift. Sadly, he won’t be able to take her with as he joins the Army. (at least not yet)  The kids love to go in and watch her swim around and she even likes to take food from my fingers. But for those little ones, you have to be careful.

Here’s a few reasons you might want to start off with the Little Live pets turtles:

1. They won’t get their fingers snapped when trying to feed a real, live turtle.
2. No salmonella poisoning to worry about.
3. If they get tired of being pet owners you won’t have to worry about selling it or continuing to raise it.
4.  The Little Live Pet Turtle walks and swims just like the real thing.

Sounds great right? So now you are probably wondering exactly why you would want to get your child one of these “crazed” toys that have made it to the Hot Christmas Gifts for this year. They are cute! On land, they wobble around on their fins, in water they take off swimming like an actual turtle does.

I remember back to when my oldest daughter was a huge fan of sea turtles, ever since her class went on a field trip to an Aquarium where they learned all about them. Ever since she wanted stuffed turtles, jewelry with them, etc. If you have a child that loves turtles, for whatever reason this would be a neat gift to give them. Little Live Pets Toys come in a variety of colors. Each one to show off the sea turtle’s personality.

Do you have a child that is a little afraid of the bath? Maybe you are just looking for a bathtub toy to add to your child’s collection. Try the Little Live Pet Turtle.  You can use this as a great way to get your child to stop thinking about the water and just playing with the live turtle.  The Little Live Turtle has a built-in fan at the bottom of it to get it to go in the water pretty quickly.  There’s no winding it up like some bath toys. It is a bit loud, but the amount of fun will outweigh the noise.  You do NOT have to have the turtle tank for it to work, but it makes a great place to store it when not in use.

Little Live Pet Turtles & Their names:  Each turtle uses his/her flippers to walk on land, once they hit the water they paddle about like a real ocean-loving sea turtle!

live pet turtle Shelley

Shelley:  Think Princess here. Princess Shelley has a silver crown on the top of her pink and purple shell.

little live pet turtles bolts

Bolts: He’s a Little Live Pet green turtle that looks like he has cranks and bolts all over his shell. I imagine he is one that likes to fix things.

little live pet turtles powder

Powder: Is light blue and white with snowflakes all over the back of its shell. This one is going to love cruising through the snow…aka the powder.

Little Live Pet Turtles Pinky

Pinky: Her pink shell immediately lets you know how much she loves strawberries with a design of seeds shaped into a strawberry pattern.

Keep Surfing!

Wave: He’s totally awesome dude, in fact with his dark blue shell splashing up with some light blue waves you can tell he’s ready to hit the water.

Little Live Pet Turtle Sundae
live pet pearly

Sundae: She loves her ice cream sundaes so much that she got her shell designed with a big scoop of ice cream and sprinkles. 

Pearly: With angel wings, Pearly is the protector of the sea. Her shell is designed to look as if she is flying through the clouds in a pearl color.

live pet sunshine

Sunshine:  With her rainbow shell and bright colorful clouds no storm will put her in a bad mood. Get ready because she’ll turn any frown upside down.

live pet turtle superstar

SuperStar: Swims to the rescue for any of his fellow turtle friends. His shell is red with a giant star in the center so no one will miss that he is the one that will save the day.

live pet digi

Digi: He’s green and reminds me a lot of Minecraft, which means he’s definitely going to be a hit for kids. My little boy would absolutely freak out over getting this one just because of that digital pattern.

live pet turtle tenda

Tenda: She’s all about showing her love. You can see how much love she has from miles away with her pink and red shell full of hearts.

Starry: She has a dark blue shell with twinkling stars throughout the top.
Crystal:  Just like the treasure she is, this one has a giant crystal on the back of her shell.

Little Live Pets Turtle Game ideas:

–  Have them all line-up and race each other. Grab a few of your friends and see which of your Lil Live Pet Turtles will win the race. Watch them waddle off the track or continue to go straight.

–  Which turtle will dive into the water and which one needs help. Have each one start in the lid and see if it’ll jump/dive into the deep waters. Everyone has a bit of scare every once in a while. See if yours will be suddenly scared of heights.

Little Live Pets Turtle Tank and Turtle
Lil Live Pets Turtle Tank: For land or Water

Little Live Pets Turtle Tank

Little Live Pets Lil’ Turtle Tank
 comes with the Little Live Pets turtle tank where he/she will feel right at home and safe. This will be great to store your pet turtle in while going off to school. You can take it to the park with you by placing him/her safely inside the tank and carrying it with you. The handle on top makes it great for carrying your Lil’ live turtle. Don’t forget to show it off to all your friends. Set up turtle play dates and let your friend’s turtle swim around with yours. Watch them swim and play together. I would only recommend two at a time in the tank.

Another great feature to this is the tank comes with its own blue Little Live Pets turtle. You can purchase just a single tank without the turtle but splurge for a few dollars more to get both. The Little Live Pets Lil’ Turtle tank includes one turtle, a tank, AAA battery (make sure to have another just in case, and a tiny screwdriver), and an instruction booklet to get you started.  The tank does have slots at the top so water can escape if you are not careful. This is to help pretend they are actual live turtles since a turtle does come up for air.

P.S. Rumor has it they are selling pink Little Live Pets Lil’ turtles now.

Little Live Pet Toys are definitely a Top 10 Toy for 2016 and now you can see why. Aren’t they cute?

3 thoughts on “Little Live Pets Turtles: Hot Christmas Gift

  1. Shasta L Walton says:

    My daughters want these so bad! They are super cute toys!

  2. They really are. I almost bought one yesterday at the store and thought it would be a better gift for Christmas. My 3 yr old is always trying to feed big brother’s pet turtle so this would be great.

  3. Always berry sweet and berry fresh, this little leaper loves to sunbake on their lily pad. When it comes to being sweet, this frog’s the pick of the pond! Splashberry hops around like a real frog. When she hops into the water she can sense it, and she starts to swim around! She is a Little live Pet that loves to get wet!

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