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A Secret about me You Didn’t Know

frog tattoo
Wow after this past few weeks I’m not really sure there are many secrets about me that you don’t know. I mean you know about my childhood and that was a huge secret, you also know I’m in California. Well, there are a few secrets there that aren’t so much secrets but I don’t think many realize. Hmm, might touch that one. Oh I know, a small, and I mean tiny secret you might not know about me is the fact it would take me years to finally get a license. Did you already know that? Umm, I’m not entirely sure so I’ll touch up on a few tiny secrets.

After a horrible incident that happened when I was first learning to drive (with my dad) I refused to learn to drive. It would take almost 10 years before I would get my license and the only reason I would get it then was because I almost gave birth at home. Yep, you read that right. My husband was overseas at the time fighting in the war and I was home by myself with two kids and pregnant with number three.

When I went into labor no one was home, I had a jeep in the driveway but didn’t know how to drive it. The pizza delivery service offered to drive me that night when I was less than 1 minute apart in contractions. Oh did I forget to mention I give birth in less than 30 minutes? Yeah. When he came back I told him to teach me. I didn’t get it the first time I took the test because I’m the type that second guess everything I do and rewrote all my answers. Yeah, don’t do that.

I have a tattoo. Did you know about that? Yep right after I turned 26 (this same year) I decided it was time I marked myself. I mean here I was giving birth to a third child, on my own there, just got my license and had survived a war deployment. My tattoo you ask? haha Ever see the Wb frog from the 90s (sorry not sure if he is still on or not) well imagine him in a jester’s outfit. Oh nevermind I’m posting it so by the time you read this it’ll be at the top of my post. What’s a secret about you?

1 thought on “A Secret about me You Didn’t Know

  1. Dorrie @ Bear Den Plantation says:

    I didn’t get my license until I was older, as well. Granted it didn’t take me almost giving birth alone. Now I still hate driving, but don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my license. And also it made me realize what good friends I had for years carting me around 🙂

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