Cameras I Want for Christmas from Best Buy! #CamerasatBestBuy

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Disclosure: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.


As a blogger I think we all dream of being one of those bloggers that take the really awesome photos. Am I right? Up until September I had a camera phone and by that I don’t mean it was a really good one. This past September I purchased a GE for about $150 but it doesn’t take the shots I really want. Now I always dreamed of having one with a lens that I could adjust by placing a different lens on it but as the holidays came and went I kind of gave up, all our “extra” money would go to the kids. Yes, you know I’m that type of parent, I buy my items on clearance and it takes you to bend my arm for me to even do that. So I decided to drop a few hints this holiday season and post a few cameras I wish to have from Best Buy. When it comes to Best Buy I don’t live near it but I love the fact you can order whatever you want from the site and it will still get to you. Today is the LAST day to order movies and/or music from Bestbuy if you want it to arrive by Christmas Eve.

The order I am doing this is the cheapest price to the most expensive/most desired by me. hehe

TIP: Do NOT forget that every camera will require a memory card because they don’t automatically come with the camera.


The Samsung Galaxy 1 16.3 megapixel digital camera: This Samsung Galaxy 2 digital camera’s 16.3-megapixel, 1/2.3″ BSI CMOS sensor allows you to capture sharp images and high-definition video footage. The 4.8″ touch screen simplifies operation, and built-in Wi-Fi makes sharing stored files easy. A digital camera that allows you to shoot, share, and use Android Apps

-  I love the fact that this one is sleek and would definitely fit in a jacket pocket, side of my purse, etc. I think this is definitely a nice camera and would be a great one for a beginner wanting to learn how to use one. (BalletGirl would be perfect for this one, course I’d take it too)

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Our 2014 Family Photos

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Did I ever share with you that over the summer since the entire family was together we got photos done? The setting was at our local park and I’m one of those that love natural settings and hanging out at the park is just natural for us. We love to have the kids run around and play and tag each other and then have a BBQ, so it is kind of like a second home. Above you will see a shot that was taken just of myself, I thought it would be a great bio pic and I use it on all my social sites. What do you think?

10580529_10152641516874711_977813644_nHere’s the best photo of the whole family together, it’s a bit grainy but shows us all, not someone cut off and most of us are looking at the camera. Little A (there in the corner in the blue shirt) was dealing with Gnats. As you can imagine a lot of pictures were taken that day some smiled, others frowned, someone looked away. Hey, we have a big family, not everyone will cooperate, that would be a miracle. Even Nicoli decided to show off his walking skills since he had JUST started walking.

(There are a few more pictures that I think really express everyone)

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10 Hallmark Christmas Movies She’ll Love to Find in Her Stocking

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Disclosure: I was sent a few movies to review, all opinions are my own. There may also be some affiliate links in this post. Happy Holidays!!

A Cookie Cutter Christmas

Trying to find the perfect Christmas gift or Stocking stuffer idea for your lady friend, wife, aunt, grandmother? Not to worry if she is the type that loves Christmas movies or romantic movies I’ve got quite a list for you and they are all from Hallmark so it’ll be really easy to find. Plus you can snuggle up with her and sip hot chocolate as the two of you watch them together. Don’t forget each one of these movies are also children friendly which means the entire family can enjoy them which is perfect for Christmas.

I was lucky enough to review each one of these wonderful movies and truth be told (if you’ve ever followed me on Facebook, Twitter or even the blog you know I LOVE to begin watching holiday movies as early as Halloween) I loved each one. I’ve watched them all so many times, I’m even including a few I watched in the past because I loved them so much.

A Cookie Cutter Christmas DVD 3D

Hallmark A Cookie Cutter Christmas DVD, starring Erin Krakow (“Army Wives”), David Haydn-Jones (The Last Kiss) and Alan Thicke (“Growing Pains”), follows a journalist sent to cover Christmas Town’s annual cookie bake-off who finds herself competing for the affection of a new love interest. The entertaining and uplifting story about doing whatever it takes for love premieres on Hallmark Channel November 9 and be available on DVD and Digital HD November 11.

As for me I couldn’t help but laugh most of the way through this movie. I mean there was total jealousy and betrayal, sneakiness and you just wanted to bake. Yes, this movie made me want to make my own peppermint cookie drops and see what type of creations I could come up with. In fact I did but with hot chocolate, I do plan on experimenting with cookies this upcoming week to see what the kids and I can create. Oh boy! I guess I liked it so much more because Christie (a school teacher) wants to not only impress a guy but also beat another teacher and jumps at the chance to upstage another teacher in a cookie bake off, only she doesn’t know how to bake. As many of you know, I am learning to cook/bake/etc so I totally saw myself there.

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Christmas Cookies To Make For Santa

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Disclosure: This is a paid post, however I think these cookies are great, especially during the holiday season. 

Christmas season is always fun for families, whether it means spending time with family that you don’t see every year or the countdown until the Jolly Old man shows up at your house and shimmies down the chimney. Chances are at one point you will be baking and I know for my family that always consists of baking up some Christmas Cookies. Am I right? Long ago I took a Home Economics class in junior high and during it I had to find a cookie I had never made, which would later become something I make during the holidays. This cookie was the Candy Cane Cookie, you now the red and white candy cane shaped sugar cookie that you sprinkle a bit of crushed up peppermints on it. Yummy. This year I plan on teaching my younger daughter how to make them. I know it’ll be fun. So far we haven’t done much baking and not because we are busy but we’ve all had the tummy bug for the past two weeks. Yuck.

Check out Christmas Cookies

by Eliza Ferree at Foodie.com

Talking about cookies. Do your children leave cookies and milk under the tree? What type of cookies do they leave? We normally leave chocolate chip or sugar cookies for Santa. This year I went to Foodie.com and found 12 interesting Christmas cookies. I won’t lie to you I’m a bit bias and favor peppermint types. My dad’s favorite type of cookie was always the oatmeal cookie and over at This Mama Cookies made some delicious looking chocolate chip/raisin oatmeal cookies. To me it always feels like Christmas on the East Coast but as you move further west it seems to be harder to get that magical feeling. I guess I’m a bit more partial to a “white Christmas” which is probably why I have a fascination when it comes to the Almond Snowball Christmas Cookie.

Don’t forget to make a few Peanutbutter and Hershey’s Kisses cookies.

If you are on Foodie please look me up and follow me on there. Can’t wait to hear what type of cookies you like.

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My Crazy, Bad Luck Saturday

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This past Saturday was one of the worst for me when it comes to luck. I mean how many of you can say you broke an ATM machine? Hmm, stopped you from leaving the page didn’t it. Well it is true but let me start from the beginning.


Normally I get the kids up by 5 am so we can take a trip to our local Walmart and spend about 2 hours as we explore the store. Hey, when you live 2 hours away from anything you’ll take a 45 minute drive to Walmart to browse. We got up late because we were tired, left a bit later and ended up having my oil light go off in my car for half the trip, which meant I had to hear the beep, beep, beep noise for about 25 minutes which was not fun but eventually you learn to tune it it. By the way I have no clue why it makes that noise I think it doesn’t like me. Once we got there we started our morning and were having a blast. Kids were preparing for our Northpole themed party and I had decided I was going to get an outfit for each of them. Soccerboy (who now earns a paycheck by working at the church) asked if he could borrow my credit card to finish his Christmas shopping for his BalletGirl, I thought nothing of it and handed it off to him. About an hour later the kids convinced me to get myself something for an upcoming Christmas Dinner the church is having so I’d have something nice to wear. How many of you always shop for your kids and always forget yourself? Yeah, me too, so the kids eventually convinced me. SoccerBoy is going to be my date that night and told me he didn’t want to dress up if I wasn’t.

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