Ice Age Collision Course Giveaway

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ICE AGE: COLLISION COURSE – In Theaters today, Friday, July 22nd. Have you purchased your tickets?

Scrat’s epic pursuit of the elusive acorn catapults him into the universe where he accidentally sets off a series of cosmic events that transform and threaten the Ice Age World. To save themselves, Sid, Manny, Diego, and the rest of the herd must leave their home and embark on a quest full of comedy and adventure, traveling to exotic new lands and encountering a host of colorful new characters.

Here’s a peek at one of the newer characters with their voice actors/actresses.  As you can see this stunning Sloth, Francine, voice acting by Melissa Rauch is looking for a mate, will it be Sid?

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Miracles from Heaven on Blu-ray & DVD

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Disclosure: I was sent the same prize pack for this giveaway, all opinions are my own.


Have you seen Miracles from Heaven? It is a wonderfully written tear-jerking movie.  I saw it in the theaters and absolutely loved it. This is a movie I took my oldest daughter, Katerina (aka BalletGirl) to a while back. Katerina is not one to tear up for many movies but there were several times I looked over and saw her wiping her face. As for myself, well next time I need to just bring an entire box of Kleenex with me. It was sad, emotional, inspiring, uplifting, testing, etc. I could go on but you get it. All the emotions you can think of put into one show.

Jennifer Garner;Martin Henderson;Kylie Rogers

(Family time is only that when everyone is at the table)


Eugenio Derbez;Martin Henderson;Jennifer Garner;Kylie Rogers

(The best doctors are the ones that make everyone smile when everything else is falling apart)

In Miracles from Heaven, Christy (Jennifer Garner) discovers her 10-year-old daughter Annabel (Kylie Rogers) has a rare, incurable disease, she becomes a ferocious advocate for her daughter’s healing as she searches for a solution. After Annabel has a freak accident and falls three stories, a miracle unfolds in the wake of her dramatic rescue that leaves medical specialists mystified, her family restored and their community inspired.

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Ice Age: Collision Course Hits Theaters Soon

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20th Century Fox’ upcoming animated release Ice Age: Collision Courseis coming to theaters July 22! Will you be attending? Scrat, that hungry squirrel, has done it again and all for the sake of his little acorn. In Collision Course it starts with Scrat buckling up inside a UFO and using acorn as a steering wheel until the unimaginable happens and his nut causes them to go into space….causing a ton of cosmic events that will put the whole world at risk.  Will he EVER get that nut and be able to crack it open?


Now the rest of the gang (Manny, Sid, Diego and a few new characters) must figure out how to save Earth and themselves from extinction, but who would ever stand up against asteroids. The group will leave their home to save or at least attempt to save their kind. Will they survive or will this be their extinction?


Meanwhile Sid has fallen in love but now with trouble looming over them will they be able to stick it out. Manny of course is worried about his upcoming wedding. 

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Fisher-Price’s Code-a-Pillar for Young Minds

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Disclosure: I was sent the product mentioned, pictures and opinions are my own. 

Rabbie Ke

What do you think of the toys of today’s kids? I find them amazing. The amount of knowledge and learning it does is something that leaves me in awe.  I was recently sent a Fisher-Price Code-a-pillar which is geared to help develop the minds of children ages 3-6 yrs old in problem solving, planning, sequencing and critical thinking. These tech toys provide a fun and educational experience, and can influence how children will learn, build, and grow.  With these new Kids Tech products/gadgets and learning apps, keeping your kids engaged couldn’t be easier.

I was so excited to get selected to review the Code-a-pillar because I have little inventors in this house and everyone loves technology. Last school year I was told by Little A’s (age 8 at the time) teacher that he wasn’t very up-to-date on today’s technology and that it was hurting him in class. I knew right then things would change all the way down to his little sibling, Nicoli. BabyGirl turns 13 years old next month and is all about science (she went to Stem camp this past Fall) so it isn’t shocking that she was excited to show her 3 yr old brother all about the code-a-pillar and how it works. Course it didn’t take him long to figure it out, he even figured out that when the code-a-pillar runs into something it says “uh oh.” He knew he needed to turn it around and push the button to start it again.


I love that he is able to figure out he can control the direction this little bug does by simply changing direction piece and attaching it. For those that do not know the Code-a-pillar comes with the head (brain), 8 direction pieces a stop block and a go targets. There are 2 right, 2 left, 3 straight and the noise piece. Have your little guy/girl set up their code-a-pillar and ask them if they can figure out which way it will go and when. He’s figured out it must light up the whole bug before it starts the directions. The pieces snap together just like a USB which makes it easy for little hands.  They are also light in weight so you don’t have to worry about them being too heavy for your child to pick up. They even have cards inside the box for them to follow the codes.

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Future Presidents of America Camp in Indianapolis Review

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Wow, where do we start? Today’s post is going to be a midweek review of what they’ve all done at the Future Presidents of America Camp this past week in Indianapolis.  For those that are just finding this post, BabyGirl (aka Bella) was selected to go to this camp on a scholarship, which they do hope to eventually make enough money to do that with future students.  The camp is located at The Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site in Indianapolis, it is one week long and filled with activities and education.


Day 1:   Confidence & Qualifications:  Everyone was given a very nice binder, paper and the Benjamin Harrison book by Charles W. Calhoun. They selected where they would sit and did introductions. The students all learned how to fold and unfold the flag properly and the meaning of why it is folded that particular way. Being a military child and wife to a Marine I find this to be a very important lesson for all children to learn. Each day the kids get to raise the flag and at the end of the day they bring it back down and fold it. Each morning also begins with the Pledge of Allegiance, which once again I love hearing since so many schools these days are doing away with it. [Read more…]

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