My Biggest Fear is

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Today’s prompt is “My Biggest fear is…” and just like many I have the fear of closed in spaces. So my biggest fear would be to be locked into something that I can’t get out of. This could probably stem back to when I was a little girl and my parents went fishing at a lake and parked the car on the bank. I was sleeping so they left me in there but apparently at some point I woke up and when I did I got the brakes out of gear. All I know is my parents said they heard the blurp, blurp as the bubbles were swallowing up the car as it went into the lake. My dad dove in to save me, thankfully the windows were down so he tried getting me from one side but due to the water coming in I was frantic and tried running back and forth. He eventually got me out but to this day I hate calm water and am afraid of small spaces. What is your biggest fear?

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Saving Money makes me Happy

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Today’s prompt was to write about something that makes me happy, well for me saving money makes me happy. For those wondering yes my kids make me happy and seeing their smiles melt my heart but that’s a given so now we go to something else. Lets be serious, when it comes to me it doesn’t take much to make me happy. To show you how happy I get I went to a book sale this weekend with my kids, it said 5 for $1 so I let BabyGirl get 10 books for $2, she came back with $1. I was impressed and let each child get 5 books and still had more than enough.


I get so excited when I drive down to get a Sunday paper (because I love the coupons) and find out that the French lady didn’t take them all and left me a few. Yes, that really happens and I’ve been told who takes them all. So I get all excited over two papers. Hey, it’s money in the bank people. I get a huge smile on my face when I’ve saved up enough money to pay off an old debt. Yes, I realize I shouldn’t have debt but oh well I do and I am trying to fix that now, so for me this is a big deal. I recently signed up for Savings Catcher at Walmart and learned after a few days I had .56 in the account. Yes, it compares prices of stores in the nearby area and gives you back money if another store beat them. hehe. So I’m making money even after shopping.What makes you happy?

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A Secret about me You Didn’t Know

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frog tattoo
Wow after this past few weeks I’m not really sure there are many secrets about me that you don’t know. I mean you know about my childhood and that was a huge secret, you also know I’m in California. Well, there are a few secrets there that aren’t so much secrets but I don’t think many realize. Hmm, might touch that one. Oh I know, a small, and I mean tiny secret you might not know about me is the fact it would take me years to finally get a license. Did you already know that? Umm, I’m not entirely sure so I’ll touch up on a few tiny secrets.
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I’m an Expert at Surviving

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Wow, this was a hard one. I mean I had to pick something I’m an expert at and I was going to be all “Oh I’m an expert at being a parent because I have five kids.” Then shrugging my shoulders I declared no one is an expert at that. We all make mistakes. I might have 5 kids through different stages and for that I could say I’m an expert at the various stages but that isn’t what this is to me. So sit back because today’s post isn’t one of sweet childhood memories, and it won’t be about all the wonderful things I’ve done as an adult, instead this post is about to get serious. Life isn’t always that big wonderful rainbow and fields of fun like many imagine, instead sometimes, some of us go through things that no one could imagine or would want to imagine. But it is those of us that have went through it, that know, we can survive and make it through anything. I think because of my own past I have been able to deal with life’s blows when they come, that is really why I’m as strong as I am.
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Fall Fashion

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Today’s topic is Fall Fashion, ummm, don’t think you are getting a picture of me being fashionable because first I don’t have anything to wear and second I’m not currently into the fashion. Now, truth be told while I may not have all that, for one it is about price. See I do have taste, I just can’t afford it. The thing about Fall fashion for me it all about warmth and the earthly colors. That to me is fashion. I don’t have very many store I can shop at because one thing or another is wrong with my car and it won’t make it. So my choice is Walmart and that’s what I got to shop. Walmart has a few cute things I’d love to buy such as a pair of comfy jeans, would love a pair of long boots, a long sleeve t-shirt that’s cute and of course a sweater jacket with belt. What do you like to wear? How is your fall fashion?
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So how is my Fall Fashion wardrobe? Simple, jeans and long sleeve shirts and if it gets cool enough you’ll find me in my favorite sweaters. Yes, I’m a sweater and scarf type of girl but out in the desert where it MIGHT get to be a low 80s that just isn’t the weather for my type of fashion. Agree? Let me put on the record that growing up you could catch me wearing sweaters even in the summer, but not anymore. I think being on the East Coast and then midwest for the past 10 years has kind of made me appreciate the weather. I love the snow and cool breeze because it just made the seasons. Without that or the changing of the leaves it doesn’t feel like the holidays to me. I need the sights that bring that cheer from deep within you, the smells of fireplaces and the warmth of a smile. Hey if someone was smiling at you it meant they really were because they had to push past the frozen muscles of the weather.

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