Yoplait Go Big for Your Amazing Teens!

September 26, 2016 By · 2 Comments

yoplait go big

As a mom to three teens it isn’t always easy to keep up with their busy schedules, which means keeping their fuel up is a must. It isn’t always easy finding snacks that they will eat or snacks that will help curb those appetites. I’ve got two in school activities, two with jobs, one going to sporting events, it is endless. How can I make sure they get what they need between meals? Yoplait GO BIG is how.

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Giant Giveaway Linky List

September 21, 2016 By · 3 Comments
I tend to enter giveaways at a whim and I don’t always like having to search for them. Not to mention with the giveaways I do I’m constantly searching to see who has a giveaway linky up for me to post my contest. Some of these blogs host every day, once a week to once a month.  I have done a bit of research as well as found some of these gems on other blogs so all you have to do is click, go, enter. Enjoy your giveaway hunts. Hope this giveaway linky list helps you out as much as it has helped me. 
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Giveaway Scout
Sweep Tight

Online Sweepstakes
Family Focus Blog Giveaway Linky
Contest Girl
Great Blog Giveaway
Blog Giveaway Directory
Living with Autism: A Parent’s Perspective
Raindrops and Sunshine
Sweepstakes Advantage
The Steady Hand
Work Money Fun
Moms Review 4 You

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4th Seasons VeggieTales in the House is Coming to Netflix

September 21, 2016 By · 4 Comments

A new 4th season of VEGGIETALES IN THE HOUSE is premiering this Friday, September 23rd only on Netflix! And to get everybody excited for the new season we have some super special new activities for you ! Thanks and have a great week!! Do your kids watch on Netflix? I’m going to have to start tuning in more now, we just subscribed again. Nicoli will be so happy.

If they ever need a little help eating their vegetables here is a little fun and recipes you can try. Maybe get them involved and have them make them with you. I’ve always found that getting my kids in on the baking/cooking increased my odds.

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Storks Movie Prize Pack Giveaway

September 17, 2016 By · 127 Comments

Disclosure: I will be getting the same Storks Movie prize pack for hosting this giveaway as the winner. Prizing and samples courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures


Storks Movie is looking better and better with each new movie trailer release (Coming to theaters September 23rd)  that comes out. Have you seen the latest ones? Being a mom to five means I have been there and done that. Okay, not entirely because I’ve never had them in an office or a manufacturing plant. But I’ve seen them get themselves into trouble and can only imagine how crazy life gets for this little team. Are you planning on seeing this one with your family?


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Get Your Loot! It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day!

September 16, 2016 By · 6 Comments

Pirate Skull

We discovered this day last year while working with a company. We’ll never miss it again. The best part is all the loot you can acquire on this very special day! Make sure to Get Your Loot! It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day! That’s right Matey’s if you go into several places on September 19th (Monday), you could end up with some treasures of your own. So don’t forget to grab up your pirate gear and head out, don’t forget the chatter either.

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