When Life Gives You Lemons…

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You know for the past few years I have been knocked down several times, but I have gotten back up each time and basically told the world “Is that the best you got?” and each time the universe has said, “Really? You are going to try getting back up after what I just threw at you.” The truth is it wasn’t the universe doing it to me it was our own mistakes and stupidity. Hey, I’m only being honest here and ready to own up to it. Trust me that alone is a much bigger lesson to learn than whatever anyone thinks. We are taught things in life through our parents in the hopes that we will be these really great people. I didn’t know a lot when I got married when it dealt with being married and finances and hopefully I will be able to teach my children not to make the same mistakes I did.



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What I’ve Learned from Lemons

I’ve seen all the funny Meme (silly pictures with sayings) about “When Life Gives your Lemons, Make Lemonade.” I just have one word for “life” then…..I HATE Lemonade! So seriously stop throwing them at me. But on a serious note, I know in life we normally blame the world for all the things that are going wrong in our life. The truth is somewhere down the road we messed up and now we are learning from it, hopefully our mess up will be the one thing our children stay away from. We got in debt, badly got in debt and that of course effects other parts of life. I’ve decided to take this time to learn from this, so while I may not be making lemonade from those lemons I am squeezing each lesson that I can out of them. We ended up where we are, so now I need to figure out how to help us get out of this mess. I need to buckle down and learn to bake/cook/save money and really learn about finances. I know we aren’t the only family out there struggling and I know others are in the same boat or have been. Some got into debt and somehow managed to pull themselves out of it and are now successful and that is where I want to be. That is my goal, to get us out of this rut, get our finances back in order and get so far ahead that it will never happen again. Trust me, I’ve learned from this. I know that I will be in charge of the finances, I know I never want to be where I am currently at or have been at. So there, I squeezed the lemon to death and while I didn’t make anything out of it I did learn. Have you ever faced a struggle that kept coming back to hit you in the back of the head?

Lesson: Lemons are sour and when you do something in life it will eventually catch up and sometimes it isn’t as sweet as your remembered. Just like a lemon, you have to take in the sour in order to enjoy it. Face the mistakes and learn from them and then move forward.

Life throws Lemons, Run like Hell!

Course I do like the one that says, “When life gives your lemons, run like hell.” That last one, now that one makes me chuckle because for a year straight every few weeks life was throwing them at me and while I may have played softball when I was younger I no longer wear a glove. I didn’t want to keep getting pelted with those darn lemons. I got zapped with teeth issues, marital issues at the time, two kids had to have surgeries, another had a minor surgery, we lost the place we were living only to move into a hotel for a while and it just kept coming. Every time we seemed to get back on our feet something would yank the rug from under us. So for the next lemons life throws lemons in my direction that is did NOT cause, I’m simply going to get back up after it hits me (like it always does) but this time I’m going to throw those lemons right back.


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Lemons Make a Delicious Dessert

You have the Lemons so makes something good out of it, suddenly dessert comes to mind. Doesn’t it? I can picture sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen as the two of us would make a lemon meringue pie, to this day I still hate lemons but I always loved helping her make the pie and even eat it. Life has given me a lot of lemons that I have at my disposal and while I could just get mean and start chucking them at people and carry around the chip that many do I’m going to fix it. Yes, life is trying to throw more lemons in my direction, in fact this morning there were a bunch on my doorstep but that’s okay I’ve brought them inside.

I’m going to make something good of it. My plan is to work my way through it. You can’t have a pie without squeezing the lemons right? So I’m going to have to work at the life I really want. I need to learn to save and coupon shop. To live on a dime sort of life for a while and pay off on those debts. Dave Ramsey says you have to start small in order to get the bigger debts paid off and I have done just that. Just this past week I sent my first bill payment, which means one is paid off. I only have a few on my credit but I want to start with mine before I show my husband how to work on his. In the mean time I will continue to read tips on how to live on less or how to save a dime here and there. Got any tips? Leave them here, or if you have a life throwing lemons your way story I’d love to hear them, as I’ve always told the kids, someone has it worse than you do. So I’ll leave you with the sweet, sweet smell of a lemon pie. Yummm! Til Next time.


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Wacky Wednesday: Things My Kid Did

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So this week Nicoli totally surprised me. Now I’ve heard of kids doing some crazy things with food but to this date I never had a child that did weird or wacky stuff. Okay wait I take it back, about 11 years ago BalletGirl did chuck a chicken nugget out the window because she didn’t eat much meat and on a road trip I got her nuggets to ensure she ate something besides fries. But after a while I could hear her saying “fly away, fly away” and noticed she was chucking them out the window. I asked her about them and she replied she didn’t want to kill them and wanted them to fly away.

(hey I couldn’t find a picture because I went to clean him up not snap photos haha)

Fast forward to this week and a one year old, boy did he do some wacky stuff to himself this week. Nicoli has decided if he does not want to eat something or he is full he will hide it. Yes, hide it and not just anywhere but he hides it in him. No, he isn’t eating these things, he squishes them once he is full or if he doesn’t like them. I gave him those Gerber chicken sticks, he apparently didn’t like them. He mashed them up on his tray and proceeded to scratch his head, or so I thought. I noticed he still had the meat on his fingers and thought about the mess it was creating on his hair so I walked over to clean them. Instead I find somehow in less than a minute he was trying to shove them in his ear. Yes, his ear, thankfully he only got a little at the bottom.

He didn’t like his scrambled eggs yesterday for breakfast either. Guess where those went? No, not his ear. Nope, not his nose either, but I’m waiting for that day now. He was sticking them between his toes. EWwwwwwww. Yep, I have that son, the one that will put things in places. Don’t tell me I’m going to need to take him to the doctor to learn about the alligator tweezers I’ve heard about in movies. So what crazy/wacky things have your kids done this week?

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Wordless Wednesday: Toddler Smiles

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I just love these little smiles he gives me. How can one possibly have a frown when they get a smile like that?


Happy Wordless Wednesday don’t forget to drop a comment and link up.

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Wordless Wednesday: Toddlers Love the Boxes Best

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Chances are if you have a child you already know that the best gift you can give a toddler is a BOX. Right? The other day I found Nicoli throwing his foam pieces (we use as a floor mat) all over the room, I peeked around the corner to see why it got so quiet and this is what I found.


Yep, he cleared the box of all the foam pieces we didn’t already have on the floor so he could get in and sit in it. I swear as a parent you never have to spend much on your little ones because they are only going to like what the toy comes in….the BOX. I mean you tell me that grin doesn’t say it.


He was giggling and went right back to playing after I took the shot. Yesterday I got a review in the mail which he happily started taking things out for me before I could get them near the fridge (it was fridge food) because he wanted the box. Only 16 months old but he knows how much fun these boxes are.


Happy Wordless Wednesday from the both of us at The Life of a Home Mom. Don’t forget to leave your link.

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Common Core at its Finest

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You know I honestly wasn’t okay with the idea of Common Core and when we were told it would be introduced to our California Schools this year I wanted to attend the meeting, only I couldn’t. With 5 kids you can’t always make meetings like that at last minute when one throws up. I still voiced my outrage with the principal and even the teachers, so it wasn’t like they didn’t know how I felt. I had a bit of knowledge of what Common Core was after seeing it posted on several social networks and hoped it would not be like that.

I’ve seen posts that I’m sure some of you have about how the answers were actually wrong.  I read about how one teacher passed out an assignment that was completely inappropriate for his/her class and would later apologize for it.

Imagine my surprise when my 2nd grader (Yes, 2nd grade) whispers to me, “Mom is the answer 1. or 2. which is spelled right?” I was dumbfounded, now sure I knew what the answer SHOULD be but technically both are correct. What would you say?

common core

Oh and thanks to Common Core (a link to another common core problem from MomDot) because while you are out to teach our kids … well something…. you made me teach my 5th grader a little about sex ed today as she asked about it.” Yes, she’s heard the term at school but never asked until she saw me crying because I was laughing that hard over how to answer my 2nd grader.  What would you do? Oh and no I do NOT like Common Core even more now.

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