A Turkey-Less Thanksgiving & Recipes

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peanut butter pie
Can you believe Thanksgiving is a week away? For many Thanksgiving is a time when everyone plans these huge lavish meals with family and friends. Sometimes everyone meets at your house, other times we travel miles and miles to meet with family members. The best part is seeing one another, sharing stories and of course the big meal, that is unless you have someone in your family with allergies. Am I right? Ever since my oldest was 3 my family has basically done the unconventional because we found out he was actually allergic to turkey. When you have a child actually allergic to just about every Thanksgiving meal that is served it makes going to these type of things a bit more difficult, so we normally decided to have our own dinner at local restaurants where we knew there would be no mistake. Meatloaf for him because it was always his favorite, ham for me and steak for my husband. But sometimes you just can’t avoid the get-togethers and that’s why I made a Foodie.com collection of Turkey-less thanksgiving meals.

Check out Thanksgiving Meals Without the Turkey

by Eliza Ferree at Foodie.com

I always get excited to read that not EVERYONE eats turkey on Thanksgiving, especially after reading other turkey  alternatives. In the past if we didn’t go out to eat I would attempt other dishes. We’ve had lasagna for Thanksgiving, ham and of course my favorite, seafood. But to me it has never felt like Thanksgiving when there wasn’t a lot of family/friends or turkey.



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Exciting Gift For My Origami Owl Customers!

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I am so excited to share this with all my readers and I had to post this as soon as I could so here it is.  I also wanted to take a moment right now to thank each and every one of my readers/friends/family members that have purchased from me. The commission always came at a time I really, really needed it. Thanks again. If you were already trying to figure out what to get someone for Christmas this could just be it.



From Thursday, November 20 at 9 a.m. (MST) through Saturday, November 22 at 8:59 a.m. (MST), my customers will receive a free Gift of Gratitude with each purchase of $59.50. This gorgeous gift includes a Large Silver Locket (LK1012) featuring the limited edition Snow Globe Charm (CH1924) and a 16” Silver Faceted Ball Chain (CN5017) to help your customers bring their Holiday story to life. This gift has a retail value of $39!

That’s right you get the necklace, locket and a charm. Isn’t that great? This is just on top of whatever you were already going to purchase.

Visit my Origami Owl page: http://elizabethferree.origamiowl.com  Click more to find exact details on how to do it. What will you be getting? These would make for some great Christmas gifts.

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10 Controversial Posts That’ll Bring You Traffic

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You have decided that you would like to write a controversial topic to either stir up trouble or see what brings you in some traffic. Be careful what you wish for because depending on the topic you can really set people off. How do you do it? This is the easy part, tell them your viewpoint, someone will always oppose your point of view, others will try to cram their views onto you until you give in. Write your post and mean what you say, support it and stand firm. Make sure to set some ground rules, one of my big ones is always speak how you feel but no name calling. Keep it clean because a child could be walking behind a parent and reading over their shoulder.
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Fall Activities For Indiana

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I love Fall, especially Fall in Indiana because everything is changing colors. The reds, oranges, yellows and even the browns of nature is lovely this time of year. This is the time you can get out of your home and do some apple picking, take your family to on a hay ride or explore a hay maze. No, hay mazes aren’t just for Halloween they are perfect just to explore with the family.

If you are the type of person that likes to can or freeze food now is the time to get your canning supplies out. Whether you have your own fruits/veggies or visit a farm this is the best time to make applesauce, apple pie filling, and more. There are fresh fruit and vegetable markets and festivals going on right now, the prices will be perfect to buy your items in bundles. Here’s a website to make it a bit easier on you to find what the times are for you and/or your family to pick fresh fruits and vegetables at the farms.
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Wordless Wednesday: Sibling Love

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Happy Wordless Wednesday! Here are my youngest daughter and youngest son together. I caught her chasing him around outside one day. Fotor1105122343 As you can see he is getting sturdier on his feet and loves running. Course if you put him down outside he will try to run. He found a pole outside and thought he found the perfect hiding place. Can you see the love these two share? I’d love to see your Wordless Wednesday posts.

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