The New Caress Forever Collection: Inside My Bath

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Disclosure:  I was given compensation and/or product to facilitate my review of this product. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


As a mother to five children I don’t get that many breaks so for me when I close the bathroom door, most of the time that is when I get my mini vacation. Now I love my children but just like every parent out there we do need a few minutes of quiet, a time to relax and just enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet in a hot bath as we take in the day. Am I right? I love body washes, and bubble baths so I jumped at the chance to try out Caress’ Forever Collection.

I love the fact that after my bath (I wish it could be a shower but with my thick hair and low water pressure it isn’t possible for me) the fragrance lasts up to 12 hours every time my skin is touched. This comes out thick and smooth, it looks really creamy as you can see in the photos below. Thanks to it being 12 hour protection if I run my hand over my arm you’ll smell it. For myself my favorite was the Adore Forever because (in my opinion) it was a softer scent, my daughter loves the Love Forever.

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Wordless Wednesday: Finding Happiness

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Finding happiness is something so many of us struggle with. Today, I wanted to take a moment to post just a few moments from this past week. siblingslove
When you watch your children you can see where the moments of happiness truly are and just how easy it is for kids to find it. So why is it so many adults can’t find it. Nicoli above had found happiness with a pen and paper, something I have always loved to do. Something for the past year I have struggled with doing. Sure I always want to write, but never know what to write or what I should or should not write. Have you been there? [Read more…]

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Freshman Devotions Review

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The Freshman: Making Faith Your Priority by Lars Rood is a 30-day Devotional for your child’s freshman year. Since moving to California the kids and I have been falling in love with God and I love the fact that even my Freshman wanted to read a devotional. When I looked for one just for her I did have a bit of trouble because I kept finding them geared more towards women and not teen girls. I wanted something more personal so that she could relate more towards it and that is when I was asked if she’d review the Freshman Devotional. This book is 30 days of devotions and each day is geared towards their freshman year (not just for girls but Freshman year).

Below is her review, followed up with a few more comments from me.

Katerina, aka BalletGirl writes:
This devotional bible is for both boys ad girls. It shows that you can bring your faith to school without getting picked on. It really makes you think too. They try to tell you that your freshman year DOES MATTER. They also tell you, and make you think about how showing people your faith can bring out other people’s opinion of religion. It has a day by day page to do each morning or afternoon. They have challenges and a verse to read that relates to each story. The stories are brief and to the point, which is helpful to those who are busy. There are three sections to the book. In each section there are 10 days of devotions. Chapter 1 is about your firsts of everything. The second chapter is about where you are at in your faith. The last chapter is about Jesus being in your life. Read it and find out for yourself.

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Hallmark’s Valentine Day Card Review

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I don’t now about you but I am one of those hopeless romantics which means it is probably super easy to get me anything for Valentine’s Day because to me it means you thought about me. I know some don’t like the day but what isn’t to like. It’s a day that means you show the one person you love or care about how much you care about them. I have always LOVED Hallmark, besides the fact all their movies have just the right touches that leave me wanting more their cards are just the same. They have this way of putting words to paper that make you feel like it was written by you or for you or for your special circumstance. Am I right?

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10 Romantic Meal Ideas for Two

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Disclosure: This post and the recipes included are sponsored in behalf of foodie.comhowever I thought these were great recipes that should be shared. 

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and whether your are married, single or in a relationship chances are you already have this day on your mind. If you are in a relationship and/or married maybe you can make your other half a romantic meal for two at home instead of going out to the fancy restaurant of your (or his/her) dreams and costing a fortune.  First you will need to know if they are allergic to anything and if they are to stay away from whatever it is. No one wants to end up in ER on Valentine’s Day, it just isn’t romantic. Decide how much you want to spend on the dish and then make it. There is nothing more romantic than someone making a meal designed just for your, it shows they not only thought of you but spent time to make sure you enjoyed it. Word of advice: Do not make him/her meat if they are vegetarian, it shows you don’t know much about them.

Check out 10 Romantic Meals for Two

by Eliza Ferree at Foodie.com

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