Mom, You Make Us Eat Poop?

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Sometimes it is nice to look back into the past and see the memories. I love that Facebook does this and now I’m going to touch on it a bit. Before you think it no I never fed my kids poop. I love how kids say the strangest things.


Yesterday BabyGirl came up with the strangest thought:

“Mom, why do we put cow poop on our plants?”

Yes, she overheard us talk about manure and asked what it was, from there she realized manure was cow poop. Gross.

“Umm, because it helps stuff grow.” Thinking she’d drop it now I went back to my research.

“Ewwwww, that means my tomatoes come from poop?”

Looking a bit confused, “No, honey. Tomatoes come from seeds.”

“But mom you put poop over my seeds! You make me eat poop!”

Yeah and just how do I clear this one up? I did try telling her it doesn’t grow in it because it comes out of it and is formed through the leaves. Now she says she’ll never eat potatoes because those don’t come out, they stay in it.

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Princesses Do Wear Glasses and So Can You

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Disclosure: This post was originally written for another site but it has been updated. It may also contain affiliate links.

princesses do wear glasses

Yes, Princesses wear glasses and so can you was all about my little girl and how she discovered that the beauty really is inside you.  With school upon us many are getting those scares of starting school. Some are worrying they won’t have any friends, others want to have the cool clothes while some are afraid of their brand new braces or glasses. It doesn’t matter how old you are, that first time you get a pair of glasses you worry about how they will make you look and what others will think.

Remember that little girls, young and old worry about their looks.  They always want to be a Princess. Princesses  do wear glasses and so can you because you will discover not only what happened to my little girl but a list of a few Princesses that actually did wear glasses. My little girl was only 6 when she started Kindergarten but just before it she would find out she needed glasses. Out of three kids she was the only one that needed them and I wish I could say I was more prepared on how she would deal with it, but I wasn’t, so I’m here to hopefully help you out.


This would be her very first pair and while she was thrilled to get something new and was proud showing them off to her family it all went downhill the following morning. Why? Princesses that is why. Now I’m not saying anything mean about them but come on don’t we all dream of becoming a princess when we are little girls? Chances are your mom or dad even called you a princess growing up, I know that was her nickname.

Princess in glasses

IMG: The Life of a Home Mom

That morning she was running around the house when she suddenly stopped, everything got quiet and she walked up to me and said, “Mommy, I can’t be a Princess anymore. Princesses don’t wear glasses.” I could see she was hurting and her eyes looked very serious and about to tear up. I looked back into those dark brown eyes and replied, “Yes you can, I’m sure there is a princess that does. Yes, Princesses wear glasses, I’m sure of it. ”

Her response was, “No, there isn’t. Can you find one?” Immediately I knew I’d be on a quest, I mean what mom wants to see their child stop pretending to be a Princess?  I know I never did and I never wanted her to think her looks could ever prevent her from being one. I had to find Princesses that wore glasses.

Was there ever a Disney Princess or a Princess that wore glasses? Here’s what I found out by asking around the net and doing a bit of research. Yes, parents will go out there and search for things to help their little princesses smile again. We don’t want to see those sad faces.
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Get Your Kids Cooking with Curious Chef

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Disclosure:  Curious Chef products were sent to us in exchange for an honest review. Pics and opinions are our own. By the way, Nicoli loves cooking with them.

I’m the mom to five kids which means sometimes I’m not always around to do up the cooking. I could be dropping off someone to a school activity, picking up from a sport or running out to get some groceries. It is always so much easier to instruct one of the older children to start or finish a meal so it can be just finishing when I get home. This is why I believe in teaching children young that they can cook for themselves even after they move away. Curious Chef allows young children to help out in the kitchen with their own utensils that are meant just for them. Don’t think just because it is a “child’s item” means they are fake plastic that will break. They actually look really nice and they can cook with them, with force even.

Baking a pizza with Curious Chef

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Family Christian Stores BOGO 1/2 Sale

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I wanted to make a quick announcement to those of you reading this. I know many of you like deals and coupons so here goes. Family Christian Stores currently have a special from now until August 25th: BUY ONE GET ONE 50% OFF deal. Yes that’s right Family Christian Stores BOGO sale. Don’t miss it. This is on just about everything in the store. Books, movies, music, kids movies/books, etc. The best part of this deal is you can mix and match. This is good for both the site and the actual store.

Family Christian Bookstore BOGO deal

This would make a great end of summer sale, but for us it is the beginning of the school year. School started for my crew at the end of July so we’ve been in full swing for a bit but someone is always feeling a little bit left out. I mean can you blame him as he watches everyone talk about going school shopping, gathering up their materials and getting excited about it? Of course he feels like that, he’s only three and is being left behind. He loved having everyone with him all summer and is definitely not a happy camper about them going back to school. I mean it is the point where he is literally trying to hold them down. So I figure it is time to get him a few items. FamilyChristian Store was the place to go. I knew they’d have something for him.


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Dinotrux Party Pack Download

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DINOTRUX is having it’s first birthday this weekend, and we want you to help us celebrate! What does that mean? Simple Dinotrux is having a PARTY!  I don’t know about you but I have a little boy that absolutely LOVES dinosaurs. In fact I think all my little boys did, one loved them so much he wanted to be a paleontologist when he was little. If you have a Dinotrux fan get the FREE Dinotrux Party Pack download now. Simply click on the picture below.  What boy hasn’t loved trucks right? So with this combined truck/dinosaurs little boys love it.

Dinotrux Party Pack

Here’s a new button that has tons of activities to print your own DINOTRUX birthday party kit that you can assemble with your kids.

Inside the DinoTrux Party Kit download:

–  Recipes for Crispy Ore Treats and Revvit Refresher
–  Name tags for your Treat Bags
–  Birthday Banner DinoTrux inspired
–  Cupcake Decorations
–  DinoTrux Invitations
–  DinoTrux Match Game
–  DinoTrux Party Hats
–  DinoTrux Pin Game

Now you can have a DINOTRUX party kit download and also share with your family/friends! Thanks again and have a brilliant weekend!!

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