How To Make a T-Shirt Tote by Kat

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I guess it is time I formally introduce you to someone, she’s my oldest daughter…BalletGirl (age 14)…but for those of us that know her outside the blogging world we call her Katerina. She’s been working on making crafts and meals through Pinterest all summer long, in fact she made a bucket list of all the crafts/recipes she wanted to try out. Recently I saw how crafty she was getting and asked her if she would like to have a small column on my blog, “The Life of a Home Mom” and she was so excited. Oh I forgot to tell you, she was already a step ahead of me, she’s been taking pics of the stuff she does step-by-step and quickly wrote up a how-to piece for me. So let me welcome all of you to ……Kat’s Krafts. Fotor0725165212


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Wordless Wednesday: My Beautiful BabyGirl

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Happy Wordless Wednesday!! Here is a picture of my beautiful BabyGirl, her hair is long enough to be donated again. I explained she may want to wait a few more months though. Amazed at how much she has changed in just a year’s time. (this year first and last year last)

10395818_509632829168187_2719986766742451953_nmatilda 013

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#SparkleWithDasani Water Review

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Disclosure: This is a paid post, however with the summer heat I thought you’d like to learn a bit about a sparkling water that are hitting the store shelves near you. 

As many of you know we live in the Mojave Desert which means we are constantly needing to drink even more water than before, sometimes the kids hate drinking plain water. Did you know you can sparkle up the taste with Dasani now? That’s right now Dasani is sparkling things up and adding some flavor to their waters but not only that they also come in cans. My kids instantly wanted to try these drinks when they came in the mail because they thought they were new sodas. The apple and berry seemed to be more of a hit, they didn’t really care for the lemon or lime. How do you get your kids to drink water? While I know this isn’t completely water this does add a bit of fizz to their plain waters and is better than coke. Oh the best part is there are NO calories so if you are watching your figure this summer or just trying to count calories this is a great drink for you.


What makes you sparkle? Answer this and maybe even enter the #SparkleWithDasani giveaway for a chance to win. My kids are what makes me sparkle…that and getting all dressed up. Dressing up is not something I do on a daily/weekly basis so when I do I definitely sparkle. Do you? I’d love to hear what makes you sparkle.

Would you like to win this fantastic trip to a resort and spa? The Sparkling Getaway to Florida including airfare, hotel, and spa treatments for 4!  A dream come true for many right?  Okay now go find a picture of something that makes you Sparkle and tweet about it with the hashtag #SparkleWithDASANI with @dasaniwater (so they see it)  and you could be the winner of this trip. Oh if you win I’d love to hear about it. Okay I’m off to go tweet because I think I totally deserve a drip like this. 

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Wordless Wednesday: Babies Play Games Too

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Nicoli decided that he wanted to play Sorry with his sister, only he didn’t understand that the pegs had to go home not him. He sat right on top of the board and kept grabbing the pieces and putting them together by color. Happy Wordless Wednesday everyone! Don’t forget to leave a link!

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Fruity Summer Fun Recipes

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.


With the school year coming to an end for some and already has been for others parents may be looking for a few quick and easy recipes to add fruit to their little ones menus. I know I was and having just discovered my kids didn’t really like water I had to come up with a few tricks of my own. Here’s one for you, sorry I only have a picture of Little A making strawberry/banana popsicles but I did not have one of the ice cubes.

Ingredients: water and blueberries. I boil the water to make the ice cubes crystal clear to look pretty and pour the water in the ice trays, once it starts to cool plop in a few blueberries and put them in the freezer until they are ready. Place a few ice cubes in a cup or bottle of water and watch how quickly the kids drink it down. I love the fact you can get a slight blueberry flavor as it melts and my son loves watching the blueberries dance around in his bottle. Got any water tips? Okay here’s a few other fun recipes I have tried and others I will be trying.

Check out Fruity Summer Fun Recipes

by Eliza Ferree at Foodie.com

Disclosure: This is a sponsored opportunity with Foodie.com. All opinions are my own.

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