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We Have Arrived!

For all those that have been following along with me on Facebook or here on my blog we have arrived in Indiana! That’s right the kids and I moved back to live in Indiana with my husband and oldest son. Woo hoo!  This means no more will my husband have to fly, take a bus or drive all the way out to see us every two months…that was getting quite expensive and worrisome. We also won’t have to miss our oldest son, at least not yet. We’ll do an update in just a moment but let me tell you this move helped me face some HUGE fears.

Fears: I am afraid to drive through a city,  I am afraid of heights and driving over bridges. I drove my husband’s car back to Indiana, he drove the U-haul with the van attached to it. I prayed before time, I had others do the same for me.  I knew this would be a trip I’ve never done before with three kids in the car at a time, one being little Nicoli. I went online and gathered my ammo for this trip I was prepared for teens, preteen, elementary kids and toddlers. That’s another post. As you can see I survived and so did my kids and husband. My husband already  all my fears and planned on only driving during the less busy times of day. 11873407_693506267447508_8303686955620326340_n
So how did it go? It wasn’t all peaches and crème but I did make it. We didn’t make it in two days that’s for sure, we left on the 2nd around noon and didn’t end our trip until roughly 3pm on August 5th. Through the big cities I was really nervous but I kept as close to the van as I could in fear of not knowing which exit to turn on. Oh and of course Nicoli tossed crackers at my head making it worse. Another time I had sirens turn on right beside me so I thought I did something wrong. Yes, nerve-wrecking.  With the heights I slowed down as slow as I could without getting in trouble (speed limits and all) I tried not watching the edge of the road and looking at the road only as much as I could through that stretch. With the bridge, wow is all I can say and thankful to my husband for making sure it would be around midnight we went through St.Louis. We stayed the next day at a hotel just so I could rest after that.

Currently we are waiting to move in, our place has been “needing fixed” with each move in date. Hopefully this next move in date is accurate. I must say though, since we have got here I have felt so much at home. I miss my church family very much in 29 Palms, but I don’t miss the heat  or flashfloods of the desert. It is scenes like the above that tell me we are home. Look at all that green.

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