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Preparing for My Son’s Departure

preparing for flight

The Bird is about to Leave the Nest

Besides the fact I have been watching my oldest pack and repack his bags which means sometimes I begin to get that knot that grows ever so slightly when you know your bird is about to leave the nest. Yes, I said bird, but ya’ll know what I mean.

Preparing for Flight

Every time I see him pack his bag I get a sadness but a happiness that grows over me. See it isn’t like I’m just releasing him to a world unknown, in fact he will be leaving California with his dad and moving in with him until he has enough to move out on his own …. if he chooses to do so.

The Countdown to Departure

He now has one week left before he will place his tank, box and bags into his dad’s car and zoom off to Indiana. While he has been packing and unpacking I’ve started going through the house too.

Re-examining Our Belongings

I mean I realize now the mountain of clothes given to us by many people will not fit me any time soon. Another mountain in the girls’ room is the same way except either they’ll fit but were meant for someone in their early 20s or just too small because they finally outgrew the clothes. It is time to start sorting and tossing/donating to the community.

Is it time to Downsize?

I now need to downsize my own collection after seeing his bags packed. There was no way we could get him on a bus/train/plane. Why? Those two things and his turtle simply wouldn’t fit, plus a tank. Thinking of when it is time for us to move I would like to bring some stuff with but I don’t plan on driving the mini van and shoving it full of stuff like we did when the kids and I came out here.

Re-adjusting the Nest

Maybe it was seeing my son’s empty corner that he kept posters, letters, etc or the fact that all his stuff will actually be gone when he leaves in a week that got me to want to organize the house more. Either way I have been bursting with energy. My younger daughter has caught on as when she sees me on my knees scrubbing the floor she grabs a spare toothbrush and starts cleaning.

Preparing the House for a Move

We’ve decided whenever the time comes we will be ready to move and not have to wait any longer. I believe everyone has a season for where they are meant to be and I feel mine is coming to an end. Time for us to find that new place and welcome it the way we did when we first got here.  I am beginning to look forward to the next few months.

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  1. I can relate to the feeling of knowing that time in a certain place is coming to an end, I get it, I feel it and I understand it.

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