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10 Hallmark Christmas Movies She’ll Love to Find in Her Stocking

Find Her Hallmark Christmas Movies She’s Going to Love This Holiday Season

Disclosure: I was sent a few Hallmark Christmas movies to review, all opinions are my own. There may also be some affiliate links in this post. Happy Holidays!!

A Cookie Cutter Christmas Movie
Hallmark Christmas Movies: A Cookie Cutter Christmas

Do you have a mom in your life who loves Christmas movies? I know that’s pretty much every mom out there, but if you still need to find the perfect gift for her this year, here are 10 Hallmark Christmas movies she’ll love to find in her stocking this Christmas! I won’t lie, I absolutely love these movies. Oh course, I’m the type that likes to curl up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and mini marshmallows and watch all these Christmas movies by Hallmark as soon as they are released. If she’s that type I’m sure these will be a winner, if you can’t find them Hallmark always has new Christmas Movies that’ll be released.

Christmas Movies Make Great Stocking Stuffers

Trying to find the perfect Christmas gift or Stocking stuffer idea for your lady friend, wife, aunt, grandmother? Not to worry if she is a die-hard romantic. I have quite a list of Hallmark holiday movies that will surely get her in the mood and show how much you care about what’s important to her!

Christmas Movies That’ll Get You to Snuggle Up

You can snuggle up with your significant other and sip hot chocolate as the two of you watch them together. Plus, each one of these Christmas movies is also children friendly which means that everyone in the family can enjoy this perfect holiday movie marathon!

I was lucky enough to review each one of these wonderful movies and truth be told (if you’ve ever followed me on Facebook, Twitter or even the blog you know I LOVE to begin watching holiday movies as early as Halloween) I loved each one. I’ve watched them all so many times, I’m even including a few I watched in the past because I loved them so much.

A Cookie Cutter Christmas DVD
Hallmark Christmas Movies

Hallmark A Cookie Cutter Christmas DVD, starring Erin Krakow (“Army Wives”), David Haydn-Jones (The Last Kiss), and Alan Thicke (“Growing Pains”), follows a journalist sent to cover Christmas Town’s annual cookie bake-off who finds herself competing for the affection of a new love interest.

As for me I couldn’t help but laugh most of the way through this movie. I mean there was total jealousy and betrayal, sneakiness and you just wanted to bake. Yes, this movie made me want to make my own peppermint cookie drops and see what type of creations I could come up with. In fact, I did but with hot chocolate, I do plan on experimenting with cookies this upcoming week to see what the kids and I can create.

Oh boy! I guess I liked it so much more because Christie (a school teacher) wants to not only impress a guy but also beat another teacher and jumps at the chance to upstage another teacher in a cookie bake-off, only she doesn’t know how to bake. As many of you know, I am learning to cook/bake/etc so I totally saw myself there. Wouldn’t it be fun to make cookies with your sweetie?

Stocking Stuffer Tip: Stick a few cookie ingredients into a clear glass jar, attach some cookie cutters or a rolling pin in the basket for a little added touch.

The Nine Lives of Christmas - DVD
The Nine Lives of Christmas – Hallmark Christmas Movie

The Nine Lives of Christmas follows Zachary Stone, a handsome fireman who falls in love with a stray cat, despite his fear of commitment, and soon begins to see the joy in companionship when he meets a beautiful veterinary student who teaches him how to take care of his new feline friend. Starring Brandon Routh (Superman Returns), Kimberley Sustad (A Bride For Christmas), Stephanie Bennett (Signed, Sealed, Delivered), Chelsea Hobbs (Make It or Break It) and Gregory Harrison (“One Tree Hill”), Nine Lives of Christmas premieres on Hallmark Channel November 8 and be available on DVD and Digital HD November 11

This was definitely a cute story, I loved watching the fireman fall in love with not just the cat but the girl too.

Stocking stuffer tip: Place an adorable stuffed kitty in the stocking for her, or adopt a kitten (if she isn’t allergic of course) and place a bow on it for her.

Hallmark Christmas Movie - A Royal Christmas DVD
Hallmark Christmas Movie – A Royal Christmas DVD

A Royal Christmas starring Jane Seymour (“Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”) and Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls, “Party of Five”), tells the tale of a newly engaged woman who finds out her fiance is a prince and his mother, the Queen, will stop at nothing to sabotage their marriage. Love prevails in the charming film

 I grew up watching Dr.Quinn, Medicine Woman and have always loved movies with Jane in them. This was a fun one I mean how does a common girl ever impress the mother to the man she is about to marry when she finds out he is a Prince. eeeek! First she is caught sword fighting in the weapons room, then she tries stopping the maid from cleaning her room, etc, etc. Can two different worlds mix or will it end in disaster?

Stocking Stuffer Tip: Place a gift card inside for a Sandwich shop, or you can have ingredients on hand so you can make your own with her. A little crown would also make this be a top-notch Holiday Stocking.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered For Christmas

Signed, Sealed, Delivered Christmasbased on the highly successful Hallmark series Signed, Sealed, Delivered created by Touched By An Angel’s Martha Williamson, follows the four postal workers turned detectives in their next mystery as they track down the original recipient of a Christmas card from the past.

Four incredible people that work in the post office make it their mission to reach every person that writes a letter to Santa. But can they get the very last one done in time for Christmas or will that soul be forever lost?

Stocking Stuffer Tip: Add a stationary kit with some nice pens to the stocking for that special touch.

Northpole & A few more Hallmark Christmas Movies
Do not forget that Northpole Movie came out on DVD and it was a huge hit with my family. (You can see our movie of the Northpole here.) A few other adorable movies that should be in her Christmas stocking or under the tree might be: Hitched for the Holidays, Come Dance with Me, The Christmas Pageant, and of course Coming Home for Christmas.

Christmas Stocking/Basket Idea:
These are all really great movies that can be watched as a couple, by herself, or with the entire family in the room. What are you waiting for? Go get her some movies, maybe toss them in a little basket with some popcorn or her favorite movie refreshments and wrap a bow around it. Or fill her stocking up with chocolates (or her favorites Christmas candy), a candy cane, some single packs of tissues, and the movies. Don’t forget the tissues though, they’ll come in handy.

18 thoughts on “10 Hallmark Christmas Movies She’ll Love to Find in Her Stocking

  1. I am a HUGE sucker for Hallmark movies. I have been laying in bed every night scoping out Netflix and watching all the old ones. I was shocked when I hadn’t seen any of these you had listed! I love the Christmas Pageant and have seen that one. Wow you just gave me a few more fun ones to watch this weekend. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad Hallmark is still making quality family movies! So many of these look great!

  3. Lynsey Jones says:

    ACK! Ohmygosh I want them ALL! lol I love love love Christmas movies but also sweet romantic movies – I am SO sick of blood and gore and fights and crap. I want to watch nice stuff on tv. If I want violence I will just turn on the news. Ick.

  4. We love the Hallmark Christmas movies here! They are heartwarming and such a fun way to gear up for the holidays.

  5. Stephanie Keeping says:

    I can’t pick which one I want to see first.

  6. I like checking out hallmark during the holidays. They have some good movies!

  7. I am such a sucker for Hallmark Christmas movies! I’ve seen some of these and others I haven’t. I may have to add them to my list.

  8. Yup, I would love to have each and every one of these in my stocking! Signed, Sealed and Delivered is my fav!

  9. Oh I just love Hallmark movies. I think I would love the Nine Lives of Christmas.

  10. Those look like some fun, feel-good movies. Definitely great for snuggling on the couch during cold afternoons.

  11. OMG I’m addicted to Hallmark Holiday Movies. I’ve seen every one of these and love them. I have several from years past on the DVR to still watch so I’ll be busy this weekend getting my Hallmark On! Thanks for sharing.

  12. I love Hallmark movies. I haven’t seen any of these. I will have to add them to my list. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I am a Hallmark movie junkie and actually plan on watching quite a few of these. Thanks so much for the great suggestions.

  14. Nice collection of movies! We need some new ones to watch, we tend to just see the same ones over and over.

  15. Lucretia carter says:

    I love this collection of movies! Hallmark has a great way with Holidays and I love to have a day on the couch watching them

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