The Life of a Home Mom

Welcome to California!

To all my readers, so sorry I have been out of contact, but as many of you know I have moved from Indiana to California and there have been a few adjustments. Currently I’m not really around the internet, which is why no reviews or updates have been done on here. However, I will try to get to the local library more often, but with five children in tow things are still a little chaotic. We all love our internet time and thankfully the youngest is sleeping.

Currently we are very thankful to my parents who have provided a roof over our heads. They are great and I am so happy, however as everyone knows it just doesn’t feel like home until you have your own so I am in search for a place to call home and have begun the search. Once I have a place I will work quickly to get the internet back and become active again. Life is definitely different, the kids miss their friends and daddy very much. However they have met so many family members they either never met or haven’t seen in years that have been keeping them extremely busy. I just signed them up for school out here so they are counting down until they can make some friends of their own.

I must admit it is so strange being back in not only California but my hometown, seeing old friends popping up every where I go but the kids love hearing all the childhood stories I had forgotten about and some I wish others had forgot about. It feels strange that things have finally come full circle. Some good news or maybe bad news I arrived here at 204 and am now 193. The California heat really kicks butt on weightloss course I’m also breastfeeding so I know that contributes. Either way things are going good and bad. It is hard when everything is so uncertain and kids are sad. I like seeing them happy with smiles all the time.

Things I have learned:

You can always go home, but not all things about home stay the same. You may come back to your hometown to discover places missing, friends gone or changed, etc.

Children are resiliant (sp) and do bounce back but sometimes it takes a bit of time.

No matter how much you know you are doing a good thing, it will still feel like the wrong thing when you see your child cry.

Things will either go one of two ways, things will get better or they will get worse.

I’ll try keeping ya’ll posted, in the mean time look for me on Facebook and I’ll be posting my California pictures. Eventually I’ll post SpongeBob and Patrick’s Vacation photos. They had a blast even when the dinosaurs tried eating them.

What have you been up to these days? Any advice?

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