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2013 Bucket List

I actually posted this last year on my Facebook Page but I am now adding to it and crossing through the things I have already done. 🙂


I need to work on this list as I want it to be my top 100 things so now to start thinking about the other 50. Do you have a list?


1.  Visit Greece (I would love to stay for a few weeks to a month to get the feel of the land)- I’d love to try the food there, jump off the cliff like in Sisters of Traveling Pants, and see the sights)

2.  Visit Italy (no this isn’t all about romance) – the land is so beautiful I’d love to get out and view the vineyards and the towns people. Learn Italian and actually speak it a little before going.

3.  Go river rafting

4.  Take my kids camping

5.  Go fishing

6.  Parachuting

7.  Attend my first event Bloggers Conference

8.  Lose 75lbs

9.  Enter my first 5K walk

10.  Enter my first mud run, aka The Warrior’s Dash.(did this in Crawfordsville, IN on August 13, 2011)

11. Lose 15lbs in 2013 and shape up.

12.  Get my Bachelor’s Degree (completed June 2012)

13.  Work for a PR agency

14.  Enter a 10K

15.  Find & own my dream home

16.  Learn to swim

17.  Learn to ski

18.  Learn the piano and be able to play some of it.

19.  Go to the Opera

20.  Go to a Lady Antebellum concert. (yes, I totally love her songs) (Did this in 2012)

21.  Help decorate a float in the Rose Bowl Parade (not sure if they still allow people to just come up and help anymore)

22.  Enter the LA marathon with my dad.

23.  Visit Sea World and ride on a dolphin

24.  Visit Universal Studios and ride the rides.

25.  Visit Knott’s Berry Farm

26.  Take the kids to Legoland.

27.  Take a culinary class.

28.  Crochet a blanket.

29.  Send out my manuscripts

30.  Publish my first book.


31.  Go on a cruise

32.  Go up in a hot air balloon.

33.  Be an extra in a movie.

34.  See the Northern Lights.

35.  Camp on a beach. (I lived near one but never camped on one.)

36.  Ride in a train from one place to another.

37.  Visit a beautiful waterfall and take it all in. (they are so peaceful)

38.  Walk the stars in Hollywood.

39.  Have a professional photo taken so I can use it in my portfolio

40.  Open my own business

41.  Go to a winery and do the foot stomping.

42.  Get my kitten.

43.  Go to a pottery class and make something.

44.  Meet my nieces.

45.  Visit my girlfriend Julie. (farm-life) Did this in March 2012.

46.  Be in the audience for one episode of “Days of Our Lives”

47.  Get my idea for a product produced/sponsored.

48.  Watch a race.

49.  Go to a rodeo.

50.  One day of complete fun and laughter.

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