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Ziploc Space Bags Really Save Space

I recently asked Ziploc if I could review their Ziploc Space Bags, honestly I wasn’t entirely believing that they would really work. But with a family of seven hitting the road for a move from Indiana to California I had to see if I could some how get more space in my minivan. I already had two large suitcases and many store bags of clothes just for the kids alone. This would definitely test out these bags. They never did respond so I figured I just wouldn’t get it, but last week I checked the mail and found two boxes. Ziploc Space Bags!!

ziploc space bags

I got the Ziploc space bags one was for roll-up bags and the other was dual use bags that you could vacuum up to get the air out. I had to test it out. I am happy to report they did work. Ziploc space bags really do work! These are great for packing clothes and storing them away but as you know I am moving or going on a vacation however you want to look at it and they worked for me. See how many items of clothes I was trying to fit into suitcases? That’s a lot and I knew I had to bring it all because it could be a long time before we ever got back to our storage unit in Indiana. So just in case I wanted to bring as many outfits with us as possible.

june24 039june24 054

june24 032june24 042

(Will it all fit?) What do you think? I mean that is a lot of clothes and I doubt most people put these Ziploc space bags to the test like this know what I mean?

All you do is the following:

Pack the bags (fold clothes up neatly)

Zip up the bag

Roll the bag to get all the air out

Place the back in the suitcase, or in our case the suitcase and under car seats.

june24 056

june24 058

Did it work for us, yes the Ziploc space bag to go did, but only if you squish the air out. If you just roll them and zip it there is still air. Make sure it is all out and it’ll not only shrink but will keep your clothes safe. The roll-up bags come with 2 carry on size bags and 2 suitcase bags, these will store 8 shirts, 4 jackets and 6 sweaters. Or in my case most of my kids clothes. The dual bags allows you to use a vacuum to take the air out or roll up the bag to get the air out. I was impressed with the vacuum way. This came with three large bags which can hold 30-36 sweaters. I’ve included pictures for you to see the difference. But I’ve got to hit the road so I’ll see you when I get back online. I hope you enjoy my reviews until then.

Disclosure: I was sent the bags to review, no other form of compensation was given. Currently there are affiliate links in this post. I was fully ready to tell everyone how they did not work, but for me they did. All pictures and opinions are mine.

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