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Christmas Cookies To Make For Santa

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Christmas season is always fun for families, whether it means spending time with family that you don’t see every year or the countdown until the Jolly Old man shows up at your house and shimmies down the chimney. Chances are at one point you will be baking and I know for my family that always consists of baking up some Christmas Cookies. Am I right?

The Candy Cane Cookie Story

Long ago I took a Home Economics class in junior high and during it I had to find a cookie I had never made, which would later become something I make during the holidays. This cookie was the Candy Cane Cookie, you now the red and white candy cane shaped sugar cookie that you sprinkle a bit of crushed up peppermints on it. Yummy.

This year I plan on teaching my younger daughter how to make them. I know it’ll be fun. So far we haven’t done much baking and not because we are busy but we’ve all had the tummy bug for the past two weeks. Yuck.

Do You Have a Cookie For Santa Tradition?

Talking about cookies. Do your children leave cookies and milk under the tree? What type of cookies do they leave? We normally leave chocolate chip Christmas cookies or sugar cookies for Santa. I found quite a few interesting Christmas cookies. I won’t lie to you, I’m a bit bias and favor peppermint types.

My dad’s favorite type of cookie was always the oatmeal cookie and over at This Mama Cookies made some delicious looking chocolate chip/raisin oatmeal cookies.

To me it always feels like Christmas on the East Coast but as you move further west it seems to be harder to get that magical feeling. I guess I’m a bit more partial to a “white Christmas” which is probably why I have a fascination when it comes to the Almond Snowball Christmas Cookie.

Don’t forget to make a few Peanut butter cookies and Hershey’s Kisses cookies.

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  1. NJ @ A Cookie Before Dinner says:

    I adore this collection! Thank you so much for sharing it and for featuring my Almond Snowball Christmas Cookies!

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