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The Warrior Dash

I ran the Indiana Warrior Dash! Okay, so how did I do right? First, I want to state I am so happy that not only did I enter the race but that I finished it and didn’t chicken out on any of the obstacles, or get majorly hurt. One lesson I learned is that the very first race of the day is very competitive and you go up against some very, very serious runners. But I also learned that I can do everything they can do. I wasn’t sure if I could do them, especially when I was face to face with some challenges.

I Survived!

Some of the challenges were things like a tall wall when I’m afraid of heights, crawling under a tarp where you couldn’t see what was crawling along with you, running through the muddy creeks were fun except when ya fell. One wall almost got me, it was the very first so I became even more afraid of the bigger ones. This first one I quickly learned I am shorter than the wall and when I went to pull myself over the runners before me must’ve had mud on the top, I lost my balance and fell back. Thankfully I somehow grabbed a board below and caught myself, it would’ve been a messy fall otherwise. Phew. I never quit and I’m so happy for that. I had the time of my life and did things that I can’t wait to do again next year.

Here’s some pictures:

Running through the fire

Me in the Mud

You can see the barbed wire above me in this one.

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  1. I just heard about the Warrior Dash this past weekend and am gearing up for one next year. Sounds FUN!

  2. Michelle Jackson says:

    Oh my gosh!! I can’t believe I missed this! You are AWESOME!!

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