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Thanksgiving with Family

This year we are actually traveling to Virginia instead of going out to eat. As many of you know SoccerBoy is allergic to anything with Turkey in it, which means informing everyone beforehand, just in case. We can’t just plop stuffing on his place unless we know if it has turkey drippings in it or not, same thing with gravy. Growing up my father would make homemade gravy using stuff from the turkey, this could be deadly for our son.

Normally we eat someone that is open and the kids pick anything they want to eat…besides dessert only of course. Normally I get sweet potato pancakes and some turkey and the kids there is no telling what they will decide until we get there.

This year we just discovered BabyGirl has a thing for seafood, by this I mean she is suddenly not eating the usual happy meals like chicken nuggets or hamburger. Instead she’ll ask for a fish sandwhich or at the “Ark” she requests shrimp or hush puppies.

She knowingly orders hushpuppies knowing I’ll choose the small seafood meal which has calamari, shrimp and some catfish. This weekend we found out she LOVES clam chowder. What does all this mean? She is extremely picky so hopefully there is something up in Virginia she will eat.

The car drive shouldn’t be too terribly long, that is if I can get us going during Little A’s naps. Estimated travel time from google maps is about 3 hours, which means probably 4 hours because of potty stops. It never fails, one hour on the road and someone has to pee. Know what I mean?

For everyone out there, be safe. Happy Early Thanksgiving!

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