The Life of a Home Mom

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Social Media Stats for The Life of a Home Mom

My name is Elizabeth, mother to five (ages 19-3 yrs), wife (going on 21) and living in the beautiful Indiana. My oldest child no longer lives at home, he just went off to boot camp so ages are (16-3 yrs in my house). I started years ago on this blog, moved over to my own domain name and here we are. I love talking about parenting, lifestyle, my kids, women issues, etc. Here’s a few places you can find me posting at.

Twitter– 21000+ followers
Instagram– 4000 followers
Facebook & Fan Page – 4500+ followers
Pinterest – 5500
LinkedIn – 1400
Google+ 3000
Instagram: 3000


Global 243,885
Global Rank 
18,280 US rank

I will continue to keep this up-to-date.

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