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As many of you may have already figured out, we are no longer living in our home anymore. Long story short, we didn’t get to renew the lease and have been in hotels since July 1st. We had two days to have everything packed and out, I lost all my kitchen items as we just didn’t have time and I stayed up for over 48 hours doing most of it myself. At one point I even told my husband I wanted out of our marriage during all this. I won’t lie, it is extremely stressful and I’m seriously trying to hold it together as we try to sort out our life. There have been a lot of bad moments since getting notice of our departure of our wonderful home to the life in hotels. But to be honest there were a lot of bad moments leading up to this as well. Many of you may remember that exactly this time last year we were also living in hotels, so as you can imagine I’m getting pretty tired of that type of life.


Hotels are suppose to be for those that are moving into a house if they have to wait a day or two to get things turned on, moving across country or even going on vacation. However, one is NOT suppose to LIVE in a hotel, not unless there has been some natural disaster where you must. Or maybe it is just me. Who knows? You try staying in a hotel room with four kids and keeping up with your online college classes. I won’t lie, I’ve even considered calling the school up and putting that on hold. But I know if I were to do that even when life gets back on track I may not ever get back into it.


I’ve wanted to tell ya’ll so long, however I was told I shouldn’t blog about my life. Not blogging about it meant holding it in because this is the place I come when I need to vent. It’s my friend, ya’ll are family. Not sharing this has been bugging me but after talking in the Bloggers & Brands Summit11 thread today I learned that ya’ll may want to hear about the good and the bad. If not let me know now. But I think I need to get this out.


As the days tick by so does our time, the kids begin school just next month and so far every number I have called has not called back. I’m grabbing at straws at this point, I want a house. I’ve heard stories here how the families have lived here for months, this is not something I want for me or my family. During all of this though I am also becoming more and more home sick no matter how indifferent we are towards one another they are always my family and I really miss them. Tell me all will be fine will ya? Because until this year, I thought no matter what things had happy endings (yes I’m a romantic and had always been an optimistic until the last few years) but so far I see one dark storm after another, sure things go great for a while but then it hits and you are on the floor looking up wondering what could possibly happen next. I know I’m normally a chipper self but I no longer want to hide from ya’ll. This is the real me, I can be happy one moment but when life comes at me from every angle I just can’t keep the smile on. Be prepared because I can see this blog is about to become more honest than you’ve ever seen. I hope you are ready. Not to worry though, I’ll still chat about my weight, my kids, products and lots of giveaways coming up. Until then, thank you for reading this much.

6 thoughts on “Life in Hotels

  1. Alicia Webster says:

    Look at the positive side–clean linens every day, your own maid, and free HBO and continental breakfast ! But all joking aside, it sounds like you are at the end of your rope and that your stress load is over the top. But things will get better, right? They kind of have to–you can’t live in a hotel forever. And cling to your husband right now, don’t push him away. You are both suffering and you both need to be comforted. Your kids will be fine—they probably look at this whole ordeal as an adventure of sorts. I am going through tough times too. Different, but no less stressful, I assure you. Lots of people like us are doing their best, and yet find that at the end of the day they still don’t have two nickels to rub together. But you’ll get through this. How do I know? I just do.

  2. haha that would be a positive, but we only get new linen every other week. No maid service, pool or even continental bfast. lol. Thank you though, reading this and hearing it isn’t just me really does help. (HUGS) Not sure what you are going through but I can tell by your response you can feel my pain.

  3. Michelle Jackson says:

    Eliza, I think you will help people with your honesty the same way you’ve helped them by sharing your weightloss story. People look for connection, for someone who might understand their own personal struggle. You are brave. I hope you find a permanent home soon.

  4. You are doing the right thing by sharing. Keeping it in, with no place to release is not healthy…for you or your family. I’m praying for your strength to keep going, and a new home!

  5. Your not alone, I know so many people that are having a hard time just like you. Thank you for sharing and I know you guys will make it through. You kids need you and if anything they are getting a good lesson from this. I grew up for many years with a single mom and she had to struggle for many years though I found it made me who I am today. In the end I wouldn’t have changed anything from where I was growing up..though I am sure at time she wished it would have been easier but if it wasnt for me growing up with a strong and determined mother life could have been a lot different. Thank you for being so honest and I hope you find a permanent home soon.

  6. My heart goes out to you. Although we don’t all experience the same thing we’ve all been through & are going through something. Venting is good. Surround yourself around those that will encourage you & your marriage. As well as friends that love you when things are up and down. Hugs to you.

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