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I Never Thought Blogging Would…

This is part of Blogtoberfest but I have had a lot of fun with it. Maybe you would like to join too. If you would click the picture at the bottom of this page. Today’s prompt is I never thought Blogging would. Tomorrow we will discuss what it would be like if I were president.

When I began blogging it wasn’t about readership or a dream of any sort to be honest. I started blogging as a way to share our daily lives with my husband who, at the time was in Iraq. I began posting about what we would do and then one day I got mad about a product I didn’t like and let him know. Then I started posting things I did just in case he decided to ship anything our way. My blog became my diary that he could read, no one else seemed to be reading at a time until I joined a mom group through yahoogroups and then I started getting others to comment. This was such an amazing thing to me. I loved the fact that now I was getting replies since he wasn’t really able to view them during that time but I figured he’d read them once he came home. I never thought blogging would stick around, nor did I ever think blogging would bring me friendships like we have always known each other.

I remember the day I discovered what I thought was someone trying to sell me something. In fact I still have the email today. It wasn’t someone trying to sell me something but it was in the beginning stages of when bloggers began reviewing products and Hasbro actually reached out to little ole’ me because I had been reviewing products (granted I really thought just for my husband and a few readers) and giving honest reviews of things I liked and didn’t like about things. They wanted to know if I’d review something called the NetJet. (2007)

Hasbro has two new products out. The first product is Net Jet that is online game system that targets tweens ages 6-11. This new system allows for kids to have an engaging gaming experience, but also assures parents that this game session is taking place in a gated and safe online environment.

Of course after a few emails I finally said yes. See, the thing about blogging is I never would’ve dreamed about getting sent products to keep and write about. Nor did I ever think people were going to pay me to put content on MY site. I know I’m not the only one now, sure there are bloggers out there that begin a blog these days with that intention and I won’t lie I even wonder about how I can make more money. But the truth is I never began my blog as a way to make money, I did plan it to be a way to connect. So, I guess you could also say I never thought blogging would become something where I’d review products and get things in the mail like it were Christmas year round.

I also never thought blogging would end up getting me close friendships and become a way of supporting one another. I love the blogging community because it can become tight-knit and strong. I remember the time I was trying to lose weight and how encouraging everyone was. The time when my husband went overseas and everyone was there for me, or even the time some dear Momwriter friends threw me a virtual baby shower. I’ve developed a lot of lasting relationships that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

16 thoughts on “I Never Thought Blogging Would…

  1. it really does create great connections and opportunities! thanks so much for linking up 🙂

  2. I love that you started your blog as a way to journal your time apart. My blog seems to change with my mood.

  3. This is so true. Love that this was a way for you to stay in touch with your husband. Even if he didn’t read it everyday he was still in the loop of what was happening at home so it was as if he were there.

  4. I love that your blogging experience grew & changed organically. It sounds like it’s a blessing in your life with all of the friendships you’ve made & connections that have been formed.

  5. Love it! I never thought my little paper crafts blog would turn into what it has either! So many turns along the way too!

  6. It’s fun to see blogs evolve and change. I’m looking forward to seeing where we are in the next year

  7. I started blogging to share with my family what was going on as we were posted away from them. I never imagined it would turn into an actual business.

  8. NJ @ A Cookie Before Dinner says:

    I love to hear how bloggers got their start. Who would have ever known how far this sweet blog of yours would take you when you first started!

  9. Agreed. I started my blog as a past time to review some cool products for my kids. I never knew it would bring me all that it has and teach me so much as well. The things I’ve learned, just wow.


  10. I’m right with you – I started blogging to share with our friends and family that weren’t near us, my 1st daughter’s progress. I never dreamed that blogging would take me where it’s taken me or that I’d get to do so many fun things. It’s an amazing world I’m so happy to have stumbled onto. Especially for the friendships I’ve made.

  11. I started blogging to share my finds online but have really mad so many new friends. Wasn’t expecing that at all

  12. I also started blogging many, many years ago as a way to just ‘get things out of my head’. Before having a blog was even a thing… It took on a life of it’s own. And now, 3 blogs later… here we are!

  13. I think this holds true for many bloggers. Many of us didn’t really know what to expect when we started blogging. For me it has been a learning experience from the start and I still learn new things on a daily basis.

  14. blogging is so crazy like that. It starts as one thing and ends as another. I started blogging because I was experiencing postpartum depression pretty severely and was pregnant with another. I was feeling suicidal and my doctors wanted me to start writing about it, so I did. My first blog was Rebel Crunch Mama and I was so excited every day I had 100 visitors. I’ve had two other blogs since then and I’m happy with where I am now, but my blog is constantly changing with whatever is going on in my life.

  15. I never thought blogging would end out being my livelihood.

  16. My dearest friends are bloggers and I never would have thought that would be the case, and I definitely didn’t expect to make an income from it!

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