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Worst Halloween Memory

When I first sat down to write about my worst Halloween memory I thought I’d write about the time of my sister’s 13th birthday, but then I started thinking that wasn’t my WORST Halloween Memory. No, falling against a broken television set the night before Halloween and profusely bleeding from my knee which would later require stitches was not the worst one. See, that was a bad Halloween, I mean not many can say they ruined their sibling’s birthday by falling into a television.

Now for all fairness I did try very hard not to ruin it. Everyone was playing kickball in the road and in order not to show anyone I was bleeding I sat down in a pile of leaves. That was until someone noticed the leaves were leaking and it wasn’t pee but blood. Yeah the party ended about 10 minutes after that. But that wasn’t the worst Halloween. See that was more the day before, Halloween that year meant I had to hobble around but that’s kind of fun, even as a teen. halloween memory

Instead, we move back about 7 years ago. Back to when we lived in Missouri, I had gotten sick and the doctors couldn’t figure out what it was. Blood test, exams, and many other things and they still couldn’t figure it out. I would be sick for at the very least 7 1/2 weeks, the last week they were telling me to start saying goodbye to family. They had finally decided since they couldn’t figure out what it was that was making me not breathe, cough up a storm and feel like I was drowning so they chalked it up to the worse case swine flu that they had seen. I wouldn’t be around much longer.

Talk about a hard thing to swallow, I wasn’t ready to die yet and by geez I couldn’t force myself to get better. I remember bits and pieces of that time, kind of scary when I look back because the only reason I even remember it is because of pictures. The kids had to go out with their dad that year, I had to watch them briefly from the window because I couldn’t stay upright long. I had started turning white/grey according to my family. So that I must say was my worst Halloween. Halloween by the way is one of my most favorite holidays so not to be able to do it with my kids was huge, but the worst part was at the time I didn’t think I’d be around for another one. What was your worst Halloween memory?

23 thoughts on “Worst Halloween Memory

  1. Ellen That Chic Mom says:

    How scary, so glad you recovered.

  2. Chelle @ Oh Just Stop Already says:

    Omgosh how terrible. Glad you made it through it ! I don’t think I’ve had a bad halloween. Some scary moments like being chased down the hill by the chainsaw wheeling murderer from the house up the street resulting in me not talking to them for about 2 years. lol

  3. Oh my goodness. I can’t even imagine how scary that must have been. I am so glad that you pulled through!! I don’t think I have ever had a bad Halloween memory.

  4. Falling and having to get stitches right before Halloween is definitely not a good memory. In all honesty, I’ve always had good Halloweens and I can’t think of a time when I had a bad one!

  5. Holy crap, they told you you didn’t have long to live when they didn’t even know what was wrong?? That is nuts, glad you made it through though!

  6. OMG I will never forget. When I was about 5 or 6 years old my dad was at the door handing out candy, and this was back when they had those plastic masks that everyone wore. There was a line out the door of kids trick or treating and while I can’t remember what costume caused it, but I was so scared and upset over everyone at the door. I remember this very vividly and I was hiding on the other side of the counter, waiting for him to close the door. LOL Not like any of those masks were scary… but for a kid they sure were!

  7. Yes it was definitely a scary time period, this will also explains why I get a bit freaked out when I get sick and can feel it in my lungs. Not something I ever want to go through again.

  8. Oh my gosh. So scary! I’m not really a huge Halloween person, in general, and my worst one was 3 years ago, when an uncle of mine decided to take his own life. We weren’t close, but it was certainly a sad time for my extended family.

  9. Stephanie says:

    WOW! So Scary!!! So glad you pulled through!

  10. That is so scary! Hopefully the rest of your Halloweens make up for the rest of those.

  11. I’m with Lisa on this.. what was it?! How did you finally get better? That’s terrifying. About a month after I had my daughter I ended up with mastitis. The infection was so bad it had actually entered my blood stream and the doctors told my parents they weren’t sure if I’d respond to the antibiotics at that point and they weren’t sure I was going to live. Just like you the entire ordeal was mostly a blur. Isn’t that strange? You’re going through what should be so scary but when you’re in it you’re just too out of it to really realize what’s happening.

  12. How scary. Glad everything turned out ok. I think it’s cute that you hid in the leaves to hide your knee.

  13. Oh no! That’s sad. 🙁 I don’t remember having any bad memories of Halloween. Hope you have a great one this year!

  14. Yes it was definitely scary but I think most of the time I was in and out. Part of me wonders what I really had. I remember them trying to tell me I came to them too late, I should’ve came in when I had the first signs of being sick. I waited at least 2 weeks because like a mom we try to deal with it. Why go in if it is the common cold? Guess it was worse than that. Oh Mastitis, that sucks, I’ve had it but not that bad. One reason I dread the kids getting weaned because I’m afraid of mastitis and always seem to get it.

  15. No, when we threw a fit that they just kept giving me medicines without knowing and we were paying for it that was when they told me about the swine flu thing. Honestly I had thought it was pneumonia or something but they were saying something much worse. Either way I hate getting sick and now with all this stuff going around (ebola and enterovirus D68) I don’t even want to go near people.

  16. Glad you are ok. I’m sure that was a truly scary experience.

  17. Gosh that’s awful. Did they ever figure out what it was?

  18. 7th grade. I wore big heeled boots with my costume and fell down a flight of stairs and broke my ankle as we were leaving the house.

  19. Holy cow, that IS scary! I can’t think of a bad Halloween that I’ve had. It’s always been my favorite holiday!

  20. Wow, how scary! 🙁 My “bad” Halloween was just trick or treating on a cold, rainy night.

  21. That’s horrible but glad you got over it.

  22. I’m so sorry to hear about your illness- I hope everything is better now! I know it’s been years but you never know. My worst Halloween memory was when I was 5- I went trick or treating and came home to see my elderly Great Uncle {who lived with us} being taken to the hospital. He died a week later on my 6th birthday.

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