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Making Blessing Jars Helps us remember the Good in our Lives

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Everyone should have a blessing jar in their home! The last few years were pretty bad years for many people around the world. I heard many saying they didn’t see God at all, this breaks my heart. For me this wasn’t the case, I saw him around every corner but sometimes I had to look a little deeper. Those that did not have a good year, had to search a little harder but many times we can’t see the way God does. That’s when a DIY blessing jar comes in.

It’s the little things that count as blessings, right? It could be hearing a bird sing, the first snowflake fall, the sun on a beautiful day or even getting a stimulus check just in the nick of time. A few people even experienced blessings in the form of a few plastic bags full of groceries left on their front porch because someone realized they need the extra blessing. (A blessing is an act or a favor of God) These are the things we want to hold on to, these are the things we need to store away in our blessing jars.

Did you ever have a blessing jar?

What are Blessing Jars?

Blessing jars are a great way to instill gratitude in your children and yourself with the simple act of writing down your blessings throughout the year. Do this daily or whenever something amazing happens to you. We don’t always think about the everyday blessings we encounter until we start to focus on them. Yesterday I had a butterfly flutter up and land on my finger. This DIY blessing jar is sure to help kids get their creative juices flowing as they decorate the jar, as well as adults. But it will also make them think of all the good that God is doing in their lives.

Start Each Morning by Counting Your Blessings

One really easy way to get started on a gratitude practice is to make a habit of counting your blessings both morning and night. You don’t even have to write them down, as in a gratitude journal (course you can add this to it, we love ours) if that seems too overwhelming at first.

The bible tells us that God gives us new blessings every morning. (Lamentations 3:22-23) When you first wake up take a few minutes and think of 1-3 things you have been blessed with. Before long, you’ll be noticing that blessings are all around you, all day, every day. Here are some tips to help you begin. 

-At the end of the year or beginning of the new year open up the jar and pour everything out. Count your blessings and read each one out loud. Don’t worry if you are doing this in the summer, that’s a perfect time too.

– If you have been doing this for a while and hit a discouraging day, open the lid, pull a few out, and remember them. Once you’ve reflected make sure to put them back in and close the jar just in case ya need them again.

– Think about the little things that occurred. The light that turned green just as you pulled up, someone left a parking spot up front just as you were looking for a place to park. It began raining once you got home not before, so you didn’t get soaked. These may seem like nothing at first but as you look through you’ll start feeling HIS presence even more.

Why teach our Kids about Blessings?

We want to teach our kids to notice the big and little things that God does. We don’t want them thinking God is never there, show them HE is always around. Yes, teach kids about blessings God does both small and big. What type of blessings can they find? The chirping of a bird, finding a coin, a gift given to them for no reason, the sun coming out when it looked like they were going to be stuck inside all day.

Not only will it help build on their faith but if they are doing this on a daily basis they will look for it more and many times they won’t even realize they are doing it. I think the world would be a much nicer place if we all started looking for the good things in our everyday life. Busy yourself searching for the good instead of waiting for the bad.

Blessings will also teach our children to be kind to others and figure out ways they can bless others. Doing all this daily can build up your children and your own gratitude. Don’t forget we are prime examples for our children, chances are if they catch us making this our habit they will follow. Why not give them some healthy habits to hold on to as they grow into adults themselves. That is one trait I wouldn’t mind my kids carrying forward.

Blessing Others

While we are teaching our children about the blessings God gives us, keep in mind that he likes to bless others through us too. Discuss ways that they could try to bless others, do kind things, acts of kindness. This is a great opportunity to teach them how to pray blessings over others they bible encourages everyone to give to others. “Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord your God which He has given you.” – Deuteronomy 16:17

Blessing Jars Craft

DIY Blessing Jar Craft

Tip: Have everyone make one, or do one family one that you all must decide what good blessing happened.

Items needed for creating a Blessing Jar:

– Mason Jar
– Modge Podge
– Ribbon
– Cardstock paper
– Buttons, beads, pompoms, foam stickers, whatever items you want to decorate with.

How to Make a blessing jar Instructions:
Make some labels from cardstock or construction paper. Glue them together and place them in the jar. Now let the kids (or yourself) decorate the jar. You can use anything you choose to decorate your jar. This blogger even created a PDF of the count your blessings hymn to download.

Wrap your ribbon around the jar twice and tie it in a bow. Dab some glue on to make sure it isn’t going to come undone. I placed a ribbon up on top of my lid and glued it to the top. This is your blessing jar, make sure it looks the way you want it to look. This isn’t about copying someone else’s work, be creative!

I like to keep mine on the Dining room table so it is something we are always looking at. Since dinner time is the time when we are all gathered around the table and talk about our day this is the perfect opportunity to share any good (and bad) things that happened to each of us that day. If your child is still unsure about what a blessing is, help them as they talk about their day, and then have them write the good blessing. Eventually, they will catch on and be able to do it for themselves.

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Blessing Cards for your blessing jar
Blessing Jar Cards

Blessing Jar Cards

Blessing Cards: Simply get some pretty cardstock paper/scrapbook paper and cut it into strips. Keep them either inside the jar or right beside it with a pen. Every time you have a blessing happen to you write it down with a date and put it in the jar. I also keep a log of all those prayers I’ve had that have been answered (blessed) in a prayer journal.

I write my blessing out. Fold it in half and fold it in half again. I plan on doing this every day that way I can see the beautiful gifts I’m given on a daily basis. I like to include the date of entry. Remember that your blessing cards do not have to be anything fancy, they can literally be a piece of scrap paper. Imagine eating at a restaurant only to go pay and find out someone else just blessed ya with a free meal. Take that receipt and write on the back that someone blessed you. Put it in the jar.

Tip: A stack of index cards and a pen would be a great addition if you don’t have time to make personal blessing cards for the jar. Grab them, stick them in and close the lid.

Create Your Own Blessing Jar Video

She does what I do and reads them whenever she needs a boost of encouragement.

Blessing Jars Help you See What God’s doing in your life Video

Learn how starting a blessing jar started her journey with God!

DIY Blessing Jars Craft Video

Blessing Jars: You can use stickers, notepads, Alphabet stickers, etc. Anything you can find!

Digital Blessing Jars

For those of you that want to do this digitally head over to Steve Perky’s challenge by scrolling to the bottom. He covers how he does it online.

Blessing Jars make Great Gifts

Blessing jars would make a great gift to give for any occasion, including Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, or birthdays. Show them you love them by showing them the blessings they may forget otherwise. Don’t forget to include a beautiful pen, stationary blessing cards, and the jar. You may even want to start a few reasons why they are a blessing to you.

Blessing Jar Craft
DIY Blessing Jar Craft
Create Your Own Blessing Jar

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