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31 Fun Fall Family Bucket List Ideas

The atmosphere is becoming more crisp, and long sleeves are starting to appear. It’s time for your family to make a list of things they’d like to do this fall! Yes, a Fall Family Bucket List! Do you have one?

Fall is a time where families come together to enjoy the changing leaves and cooler temperatures. It’s a perfect season for staying in and getting cozy or going on an adventure with your loved ones.

I’ve compiled a list of fun and festive family bucket list ideas for you below. I’ll be writing up a post later to include Fall Craft Ideas, Fall Drinks, and Fall recipes for you to try. I have always found things done with the family to make lasting memories. Consider this list of fun things to do with your family this fall!

I prefer to use an 8 × 10-inch frame to display my Fall Bucket List. You may cross off the items on the list using a dry erase marker on the glass!

31 Fun Fall Family Bucket List ideas

fall family bucket list pumkin patch

1. Visit a pumpkin patch

How many of you remember visiting pumpkin patches growing up? They were always a favorite of mine, going out and picking from hundreds of pumpkins of all different shapes and sizes. Pumpkin patches have become an iconic place to take the kids during fall. Many offer hayrides, mazes, and of course, pumpkins! The perfect time to visit one is on Halloween weekend for some family-friendly fun they won’t soon forget!

2. Go to an Apple Orchard and go apple picking

Apples are a fall staple, and there is nothing better than eating them fresh from an apple orchard. Go with your family to pick out some of the crispest apples they’ll ever taste! Try some of their hot apple cider while you are there!

3. Get lost in a corn maze

Forget about all the movies and go find a corn maze. It’s always fun to test your navigation skills or just have some good old-fashioned family fun at a corn maze. Feeling adventurous and not worried about the kids, have them go at night with flashlights.

4. Watch a scary movie

A classic fall activity, a night in watching scary movies is the perfect way to get into the fall spirit with your family. If scary movies aren’t your thing (littles) watch a Fall-themed movie (Charlie Brown), romantic movie, etc.

5. Go on a hayride

Hook up the wagon, toss in some hay and go for a ride around your neighborhood. If you can find a farm nearby, finding their hayrides should be easy! Don’t forget you might want to bring a small blanket to throw over the hay for those that can’t stand the hard straw.

6. Make some apple cider, pie or pumpkin donuts

A warm cup of apple cider or pumpkin-flavored baked goods is the perfect touch to welcoming fall. If you’re feeling inventive, why not try making them yourself? You may make a variety of apple and pumpkin treats with so many options.

7. Visit a zoo or a petting zoo

Fall is a great time to see animals that enjoy the Fall weather! Go visit the fall-themed zoo or find a petting zoo nearby and have fun with your family! In October many will start having Zoo boo.

8. Go to a Bonfire

Everyone loves a fall bonfire. They are perfect for fall nights and delicious fall drinks. If you are more of an indoor person, start your fireplace and curl up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa.

9. Go on a hike

A great way to enjoy fall is by going out for a nature walk with your family. My family use to love to go up in to the forest and collect fall leaves and take pictures.

10. Visit a haunted house this Fall

Scare yourself silly by visiting a fall-themed haunted house! Keep in mind not all kids can deal with jump scares, you may want to take them to one that isn’t so scary and go back to the spookier ones with the older kids at a later date.

11. Go to a fall festival

This is the perfect time of year for fall festivals. Find one in your area and go see what they have to offer! This is fall! You can likely find something fall-themed in your area. No trick-or-treating is necessary and kids have a blast.

12. Go on a hayride in the dark with fall lights

Who doesn’t love fall lights? I love riding at night, curled up against the one I love. Or you can go on a spooky hayride at night just to get that scare in.

13. Go on a Fall foliage drive

Drive around your fall-themed area and take in all the fall colors! Kids will love this and so will mom and dad. See who can spot the green, red, yellow, brown, and orange leaves first.

14. Do an Autumn photoshoot

Gather up all your fall clothes and take pictures of the family! This is a great fall memory to look back on and cherish. Grab a rake and make a pile of leaves, tossing them in the air as you take photos. There are all types of Fall-themed areas that are great for Autumn photos.

15. Roast marshmallows

Roast some fall-themed food over the fire with your fall family! Marshmallows are the perfect fall treat, especially when they get extra toasty. You can even roast fall-themed foods like apples and then dip them in chocolate or caramel sauce. This would be a great addition to a picnic in the park, BBQ style!

16. Have a fall picnic

Find an open space in your park or yard and have a fall-themed picnic! There are so many fall treats to eat for days. We have a creek near us so I plan on taking the family to do at least one fall picnic next to it to watch the ducks and geese too. This is also great if you’re camping outside.

17. Go fall camping

Head out to the fall campgrounds near you and fall asleep under the stars with the family. You can fall asleep to the crickets or fall nature sounds, whichever you prefer. Or you can decide to go camping in your very own backyard!

18. Go on a fall family bike ride

Grab your bikes and ride around town with the family! This is great for fresh air and fall fun. Check out all the amazing Fall colors as you ride around and chances are you’ll get to see some fall decorations being put up.

19 Go on a Fall Nature Walk

Take the family on a nature walk around the neighborhood or trails near you on a nice fall day. The leaves are changing colors and everything is so beautiful. Have kids collect items like leaves, acorns, etc. This is a perfect time to take the family on a prayer walk as well, thanking God for everything around them.

20. Make Fall crafts

There are Fall crafts for all ages. If you’re crafty, make one with your family or let the kids pick something out at the store to work on.

21. Do some fall baking

If you’re feeling up to it, bake some fall goodies! There are many fall-flavored foods that are tasty. Don’t forget you have a ton of apples and pumpkins to use from those trips above.

22. Read some Fall-themed books

Read your kids (or read yourself) some fall-themed books or tell them stories about fall. This is a great fall activity to help a kid fall asleep or tie the books to Fall crafts they will be making.

23. Carve some pumpkins

Fall Family Bucket list must have pumpkin carving

Carving pumpkins are super fun, even if they don’t like the pumpkin slime (as mine call it)! You can get creative, or do a fall theme. Got little kids? That’s okay grab some paints and let them paint their pumpkin. My kids like to melt crayons from the top and let them drip down the pumpkin.

24. Make a fall wreath for your front door

Make a fall-themed fall wreath and hang it on your fall door. This is a great fall decoration to have all fall long.

My kids like to make leaf wreaths. You can use dollar tree leaves, construction leaves your kids traced, and cut out or leaves from their walk.

25. Stargazing with the family

Lay under the fall stars with a blanket and your family and fall asleep.

26. Make a fall family board game or card game

There are so many fall-themed games out there that are super easy to make yourself. This is one of our family’s favorite things to do, “Friday Night Board Game Night.” But we haven’t tried a fall-themed game one, I will have to think on this one. Any suggestions?

27. Make a DIY Fall flavored drink

Make fall-flavored drinks with your family! Cranberry juice, pumpkin spice tea, and other fall beverages (apple cider) are only a few of the things you can prepare at home. My daughters like to make fall flavored coffees.

28. Do a puzzle together

Gather up fall-themed puzzles to work together on fall night. This is perfect after you’ve all eaten your fall treats. These have great memories of time spent together but the conversations are the best to me.

29. Plant Fall Flowers

Gather fall flowers and fall bulbs together and plant them. You can do this in a fall-themed container or just go ahead and plant them outside around your fall house. Fall is meant for flowers! Plus kids will love painting flower pots.

30. Make a Gratitude jar or a Blessing Jar

Decorate your gratitude or blessing jar with the fall stuff you’ve collected on your walks. Write all the things you’ve done down with pictures if you took any and place them in your jar.

31. Take the kids on a Fall Scavenger hunt

Take the kids on a fall scavenger hunt around your yard or neighborhood. You can also do this indoors if you don’t feel like going out in fall weather.

So gather the many fall family bucket list ideas for this fall that will make lasting memories and traditions you’ll cherish forever. Keep your family in mind when you are going through this list, if these work for you print the list and do them or create your own! These are just some ideas for things your family can try this fall to get into the spirit together! If you don’t have some of your favorites on this list add them, too! Don’t forget to let me know what other fall bucket list ideas you like to do if they aren’t above, I just may want to add them!

Fall Family buket list
Family Bucket list
Bucket list for Families this Fall

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