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7 Ways to Get Your Kids to Love the Bible

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You’ve noticed your child seems a bit distracted or just doesn’t want to read the bible anymore. They might not even like their bible anymore. Not to worry, I’ve compiled a few ways to help them love the bible again! I have one form of the bible in every room of the house. Just in case, one doesn’t resonate with my child another might. There are so many ways to get kids to love reading the bible.

Kids Love Reading Bibles that They Pick Out

One way to get kids love the bible is to let them pick one out they’ll like. As a kid I absolutely loved picking out things on my own, I do even now. Don’t you? If I couldn’t just pick it out, I liked having different choices to choose from. Chances are your child is the same way. They like having options, they don’t want to feel they have no choice.

Think about their age, style, or their reading level and pick out several bibles you think are perfect for them. Ask them which one they would like? Or take them to the aisle and tell them to select the one they would love to read at home. You want to make sure they are happy with their bible and that they always have access to it.

Another thought, if your child seems not to want to read their bible anymore it might just be that they want one that is upgraded with their age. That picture storybook bible may need to be changed into a teen one or a graphic novel style type (comic book bible) to get your kids to love the bible again. Watch their face as you take them down the older kid aisle and see if it lights up at a certain type of bible.

Selection of bibles by age and reading level:

Nicoli loves his NIV, Adventure Bible, Polar Exploration Edition. But Bella likes the teen bible and Angelino enjoys the comic version.

Family Reading Time gets Everyone to love the bible

Family Bible Reading Time!

What is that? It is exactly as it sounds. We do a family game night, it used to be every Friday night (kids got older and some moved out) instead of missing it we moved it to every other Saturday so everyone can make it.

A family bible reading night is a night you all gather around the table, living room, wherever and read from the book. This can be a strict scripture reading or a fun one, chances are the family will get more out of it if you make it into a fun discussion about the verse or the chapter you read.

Set up the Room

Time to figure out which room of the house you are going to have this in. Will it be the living room, family room, kitchen? Make it comfy and inviting! Everyone can pile up on the couch or sprawl out on the floor. Toss in some floor pillows, etc. Have snacks out that everyone can enjoy while reading the bible. Place coloring items out for another form of reading the bible. God may speak to your kids in a different way.

Items you may want to include: Construction paper, lined paper, stationery, pens, pencils, crayons, markers, highlighters, etc.

Scheduling Family Bible Reading Time

First you need to decide how often will you be meeting for Family Bible Time? Every day, a certain hour, once or twice a week. I like it every Tuesday and Thursday. Why? Simple. We go to church on Sunday. Monday is a dreadful day that everyone is grouchy. Tuesday means we get to hear what is going on in their lives. Thursday is two days away from Tuesday, and right before the weekend.

How often will you meet?
Decide if you will read a particular section of the Bible aloud or if everyone will read it and come back to discuss. If you are just starting out, you may want to read a little less than you think they can handle until you get into a routine.

If you are doing this twice a week, maybe the first lesson or reading should be the bible and the second a quick movie/clip and more discussion on what ya’ll read about that week. Get caught up!

Make Reading the Bible FUN!

Children Should be Taught by Their Parents (Deuteronomy 6:6,7)

I love that this is in the word of God. I can see how much better a child is when they are around and cared for by their parents. This shows them love immediately, which is what every human on earth needs.

Second, we are the people that instruct them from birth. Why should this be any different? We birth them, teach them to eat, drink, hold things, walk and raise them. We are their first teachers, let’s get this right!

Children need time and attention – Mark 10: 13-14

My kids love family dinner time. Why? No, not just because of the food. It is because of the discussions they know we will be having. In fact, on times when we slacked doing this, the kids would ask. “Can we share about our day today? Ooops. “Yes, of course, please tell us.”

So, what is it we do? The first thing I do is ask them one good thing and one bad thing that happened that day. Each one gets a turn. This is what you could do with the bible. What is one thing you learned today? How can you apply it to your daily life? Knowing that reading the bible will bring discussions amongst us could be another reason why they love the bible.

Family Discussion Table Makes Learning the Bible Fun!

Kids love spending time with their parents… without devices! Have you ever noticed a child trying to talk to a parent when they (the parent) are on the phone?

They want to know they are the center of their parents’ attention, put it down, lookup. Look into your child’s eyes. The family discussion will give them just that. Tell everyone their devices stay on the kitchen counter or a designated spot until after this time.

This can be something your kids do when they have a family, and you will know you began this tradition. You instilled God in your future family members’ homes. Just imagine future discussions in the family reading room.

Remember make this time FUN!

When deciding how you will design your family bible reading time consider going back to your time as a kid. How did you feel with such a huge book in front of you? If you were told to read chapter one or book one you probably would’ve squawked at that. Your kid is the same way.

Taking turns
Make sure everyone gets a turn though or at least is offered a turn to read. Give everyone a turn to say their thoughts. Now you may want to have a stopper though so no one takes up too much time. This is key. Kids love to be able to give input. Ask them what they thought? What they may or may not have understood? How they can apply it in their everyday lives?

Impressions will Matter with Your Kids!

Your children are watching you, even if you don’t realize it. They will notice if you act like this is a chore or if you are excited about it. Become enthusiastic, show that being with God a good thing. If you show them you love the bible, chances are they will love the bible too.

Don’t act like, Oh geez it is that time again, everyone gather in the room so we can get this over with attitude. Your children will pick up on your feelings and start to feel that reading the bible or being with God is a bore. If you love reading it to your children will see that and soon they will too.

Don’t believe me? Think back to your days in school. Did you prefer a monotone teacher or one that had excitement in their voice? Kids learn from us, we are their first teachers, be that fun, loving teacher!

What Will Family Bible Reading Night Consist of?

Will there just be bible reading and discussion? Will there be worship? Arts and crafts? Biblical Journaling? Prayer time? Figure out what all your reading night includes and prepare for it. Do you want it relaxed or the same schedule every time?

Bible Games brings fun to Bible Reading

We love family game night, so of course, I’d recommend playing at least one bible game during the week just to add a little more bible time. Everyone will have fun playing these games and you could always create your own. It’s all about spending time with your family and reading the word. You just can’t go wrong! Kids will love the bible when you implement family time and quality time like this. Make it fun!

  • Guess who
  • Bible Trivia game
  • Bible Memory game for kids
  • Bible-Opoly
  • Guess the verse
  • Finish the verse
  • Bible Charades
  • Bible Bingo
Picture of crafting materials on a table. Beads, stickers, paints, pens, etc.

Crafting through the Bible

When many people think of the term, “Crafting through the bible” they probably think of arts and crafts. I mean all types, it isn’t just kids that like to do crafts. Sarah might like to paint pictures with scriptures on them. Johnny is five and has fun doing arts and crafts of Noah’s Ark. Timothy is 2 and you can hand him a coloring page of the rainbow with a verse on it. You, as the parent can search for a craft for everyone or let them find them (minus the young ones) and show them off when they complete them.

  • Painting – scripture, abstract, and bible images
  • Bible printables for Kids – Bible coloring pages, verse coloring pages, bible word games.  
  • Crafts for adults- Prayer wall, Blessing Jar, Prayer Jar, etc.
  • Bible crafts for Kids- Rocking Noah’s Ark, a rainbow with cotton ball clouds.
  • Bible journaling- Have the illustrated bible or have their own journal for their bible lessons that they can illustrate themselves. Include some fun stuff like stencils, coloring pencils, and washi tape.
  • Prayer Journals- Buy them a journal or have them make their own prayer journal so they can keep all their prayers and answered prayers inside.

Teach them to love the Bible in Any Format!

Teaching your kids to love the bible does not mean just a book format. You can use any media you think your child will love more. Maybe your child like to see it in action, a movie can help with that and these days there are a ton to pick from.

Play pretend with them. Print off a smaller book of the bible or whatever chapter you will be reading and give each one a copy. Maybe highlight the section they will be reading out loud. Roll it up and explain this is how the disciples would’ve read the bible.

Audiotapes can help them love the bible!

Not every child is a reader but that doesn’t mean they won’t love the bible. They might be more willing to read along with someone else. Do you remember those “turn the pages” audio cassette books when you were younger? I used to love reading along with those. Ding. Turn the page. Find a voice you think your child will like and play it in their room or get them some cool earphones that they will listen to with it.

  • Sing-a-long Books- 50 songs and bible stories
  • Kid’s NT Audio Bible over 100 Gospel songs
  • The Beginner’s Bible on Audio CD

Comic Books, also known as animated bibles can draw in book readers. It may also help a visual learner because they can see it in action and it doesn’t make the bible feel so large.

Apps can help them love the bible

If you notice that your kids are constantly playing on their devices during their free time. This is just another way to get your kids to love the bible a little bit more. Encourage 30 minutes of free time after they do a lesson on one of their favorite bible apps. This will encourage them to read the bible, play a bible game so they can get more free time to play on their devices. You’ll be introducing more time in the word without them realizing it. All it takes is a mustard seed to grow their faith.

  • The Bible App for Kids
  • Bible Adventures for Kids
  • Superbook Kids bible
  • bible gateway
  • blue letter bible

Read from their Bible at bedtime

When it comes time to tuck your little one in, think about reading a verse or two from their personal one before bed. If they are up for it purchase a few bible storybooks and the two of you could read them together every night, or a chapter a night depending on their age.

7 Ways to get Your Kids to Love the Bible and Want to Read It

  • Get them their own bible that they pick out
  • Start a Family Bible Reading Time
  • Hear the bible together
  • Watch biblical stories
  • Play the bible games
  • Crafting (arts and crafts) in the Word
  • Read them a few verses from their bible right before bed.

I hope that this little family reading time can help your kid love the bible and continue to grow in faith. Remember kids love the bible when they see you loving the word. May your family grow in faith and love!

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