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Get Ready for the Holidays with Christmas Tree Lights Etc

It’s that time of year again. You know when people love to decorate their homes in Christmas lights, outdoor winter displays and have their Christmas trees all decked out in fun and lights for everyone to see. To me, this is what makes everything feel like Christmas season, I love going driving through the town and checking out all the homes that have their lights on. Last year was the first year I didn’t see many homes displaying lights, I am really hoping to see a lot of homes this year with them. But living in the desert I’m not so sure we’ll see that.


Ever since I can remember, we have always had artificial trees in my home, even growing up. The only thing I miss out on is the smell the real one makes, but thankfully not the mess. I love all things Christmas, which means the Christmas trees, Christmas decorations especially the Christmas lights and outdoor displays you find around town. 

My current tree is a cheap one I bought at the store, however, my favorite would have to be what is known as the Colorado Pine.  I love the big bottom trees that get smaller at the top, but I also enjoy having a prelit one so I don’t go crazy trying to string it myself.  I have discovered a 6.5ft Pine at  Christmas Lights Etc for under $500, where you can actually order yourself one today and get a coupon code for 11% off your order because of Veteran’s Day.

I love that you can see exactly what the tree and limbs look like before purchasing. Unlike those prelit ones you buy in the store inside a box. Never turns out looking like the picture on the outside, but these have multiple shots and this tree has the extra bonus of pinecone clusters at the tips of the branches.


To me, there is just something magical about Christmas lights. I love decorating inside and out. Who is with me on that? I typically set up my Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving, which means I need to start figuring out what all we need to buy for the house. I know I will want LED lights for outside because of the way they glow, but I also want garland to string around my porch.

The Garland lights (which I had not even thought of) will probably look best on my porch and then it’ll be easy to take down after the holidays. Garland lights come in either LED, clear, colored or twinkle and are 6’ beaded garlands to 18’ for the larger porches. I think the lights of a pre-lit Christmas tree is enough on the tree but I’ll still need something for my windows. How much do you decorate?

This post was brought to you by Christmas Lights Etc.

1 thought on “Get Ready for the Holidays with Christmas Tree Lights Etc

  1. My husbands, son and I celebrate Hanukkah, but I LOVE all of the Christmas decorations that pop up this time of year. I like to joke that I get to enjoy the decorations without the hassle of having to put them up (and take them down).

    My folks celebrate Christmas (as did I growing up), and have always had an artificial tree. It is amazing to see how they have improved over the years. My folks finally got a pre-lit one. It makes things so much easier for my dad, who is in his 70s. I remember him fighting with those strings of light every year – ugh!

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