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Funniest Childhood Memory

This is a hard one because when you try to sit down and think about what the funniest childhood memory is a ton flow through and you can’t decide which one was the funniest. My mind raced through as I remembered going with our little group of friends up to the store to gather up picnic supplies.

After shopping, we would always go to the top of the hill during the summer with our little group and picnic up there. We thought it was a cool place since no adult would ever go there and most were at work during the day so it was our own little world. Isn’t it fun to look back on your childhood and think of all the silly stuff you use to do?


I remembered the time I would ask my mother if I could go next door to have dinner with my best friend’s family. She had said yes, apparently to whomever she was talking on the phone with. A few hours later there was a report on the news that I was actually missing. I had to quickly run home. We would all laugh about it later but not at the time. When you see your house full of cops you just know you are in trouble as you are walking up and everyone is running towards you.

On a serious note though I think my favorite funny childhood memory would have to be a camping trip. My family always went camping when we were growing up, in fact I kind of feel bad I haven’t done that with my own kids. I’m actually torn between two different events so I’ll just share them both. Every time we went to the river we’d have a blast, normally we brought innertubes and would go down it that way, sometimes I would get brave enough to jump off and just go that way. See we were going down what is known as the Kern River which is rather dangerous especially with the Rapids.

My sister was actually afraid of fish so imagine the time when her innertube flipped on a rock and she fell off. She immediately shot out of the water and got on top of that rock and would not come off for her life. She was in the center of the river, which made getting her a bit hard because she was between rapids.

I would try going down several times and fail each time, I’d always drop the tube and go through the rapids but she was NOT getting in the water. Eventually, I’d ask a bunch of drunk men if they could help, finally, instead of laughing, they gave me a rope. I knew better than to ask them to hold it. She did get off that rock later that day using that rope but she did NOT go back in the water.

The funniest was after years of always “shooting the rapids” my dad asked me to race him across the river. Okay sure, I was up for it. He tried taking off my life jacket and I flipped out, I screamed at him not to take it off I couldn’t swim. The whole family, minus my sister because she’d always known why I wore a jacket, even while shooting rapids, just stared at me in disbelief. Here I was bobbing up and down in the water securely holding onto my jacket for dear life after all these years my family found out that at 16 years old I still didn’t swim.

All the times I had risked my life going down the river and they had never figured it out. My dad didn’t believe, he took my jacket off anyways and I had to be like a cat being tossed into the water with the only thing keeping them alive as I clawed at him. While it was a serious matter we can all laugh about it. The funniest part was that no matter how many times I would go down the rapids the top of my hair never got wet, they would later realize it was because I didn’t know how to swim I always kept myself upright. What’s your favorite funny memory?

15 thoughts on “Funniest Childhood Memory

  1. What a wonderful memory! I am not sure I could pick a funniest childhood memory, partly because I don’t remember a lot of the details and because I had a lot of fun.

  2. I need to take my kids camping. My dad was really great about taking us out, but we haven’t done it enough with our own family. I have such great memories of our trips.

  3. Can you swim now? I can’t believe you never learned. I don’t know what my funniest memory would be. I’d really have to think on that one!

  4. @jennifer Momspotted to be honest I am not sure. I never tried to learn, any time as a teen I tried I sank.

  5. Whew gosh I too have so many. My favorite would probably be when I was little a guy was talking to my Dad about an upcoming football game and how “his” team was going to crush the “underdog” blah blah. I asked what an underdog was (cause I love dogs, right?) and he told me – but then I said “I bet they win.” And he said “oh really” – so we made a $2.00 bet on that game. Well… the underdog won. And EVERYONE knew he and I had made that bet, so he had to come give me the $2.00.
    The FUNNIER part didn’t come until later though… when I realized that he actually WAS a coach at Florida State University and there was nothing funny about them losing that year LOL Ten years later I got accepted in to that school (I left out that had bet against them LMAO) and now my daughter is working on getting accepted there as well. Pretty cool how it comes full circle.

  6. What an awesome memory! : )

  7. Mel @ Outnumbered 3 to 1 says:

    We love camping! Such a fun memory, thanks for sharing!

  8. What a great memory. My husband is actually taking my son camping this weekend with Boy Scouts, should be an interesting weekend!

  9. Audrey at Barking Mad! says:

    It absolutely has to be the time when I was almost ten and home alone for a while by myself. For some reason I really REALLY wanted a roasted marshmallow. No, wait, I didn’t just WANT a roasted marshmallow, I wanted to ROAST THE MARSHMALLOW. So I did. In my mom’s favorite leather recliner using a lighter, fork and an ash-tray. I had no idea how quickly that puffy little sucker was going to go up in flames and so I sat there, waving by rapidly incinerating marshmallow back and forth in order to try and put out the flames, all the while, hot flaming pieces of sticky, gooey molten marshmallow were landing on my mom’s recliner, melting holes into it.

    I can laugh NOW because I know, in my mind’s eye, how utterly ridiculous I must have looked, sitting there waving that thing around in the air, and how rapidly my greedy little smile turned into abject horror. I kinda felt like the marshmallow had turned on me.

    We won’t talk about what happened when my mom found the holes. All I will say is that I never ever attempted to roast another marshmallow until I was 30!

  10. Wow, as I shared my cousin burned down their entire house lighting a lighter in the house. I’m sure you never did that again. That would have been so scary. I could only picture your mom coming in and asking about it. Course if she saw the marshmallow mess she may have guessed. Gla you are okay.

  11. Geez, it’s so many! I don’t even know where to start. Maybe when I set my grandmothers house on fire..long

  12. You were pretty brave going down those rapids and know knowing how to swim. I am not a good swimmer myself and although I have always wanted to raft down a rapid, I would probably be mortified.

  13. I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time, but it’s great that you can laugh about it now!

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