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Freshman Devotions Review


The Freshman: Making Faith Your Priority by Lars Rood is a 30-day Devotional for your child’s freshman year. Since moving to California the kids and I have been falling in love with God and I love the fact that even my Freshman wanted to read a devotional. When I looked for one just for her I did have a bit of trouble because I kept finding them geared more towards women and not teen girls. I wanted something more personal so that she could relate more towards it and that is when I was asked if she’d review the Freshman Devotional. This book is 30 days of devotions and each day is geared towards their freshman year (not just for girls but Freshman year).

Below is her review, followed up with a few more comments from me.

Katerina, aka BalletGirl writes:
This devotional bible is for both boys ad girls. It shows that you can bring your faith to school without getting picked on. It really makes you think too. They try to tell you that your freshman year DOES MATTER. They also tell you, and make you think about how showing people your faith can bring out other people’s opinion of religion. It has a day by day page to do each morning or afternoon. They have challenges and a verse to read that relates to each story. The stories are brief and to the point, which is helpful to those who are busy. There are three sections to the book. In each section there are 10 days of devotions. Chapter 1 is about your firsts of everything. The second chapter is about where you are at in your faith. The last chapter is about Jesus being in your life. Read it and find out for yourself.

My comments:

I don’t know what you think of when you remember back or even think of Freshman year in High School, but I remember all those firsts and the peer pressure. It was both fun, scary and everything in between. We were learning who we were, trying to figure out what we liked and what we believed, it was a time when we were growing into our own little person we would continue to develop forever after.

I think a book of this nature would’ve definitely been helpful. I looked through the book and there are questions like “The first crush” and it gives an example of the author’s first crush and how much times have changed but the questions make one think and lets them realize what they need to do (pray) but also who they would be able to talk with if they needed to talk. That’s when it goes into what the world thinks about it, gives a challenge and then ends with a verse or a few verses they should read. I definitely recommend this devotion and they have them for all grades which is perfect for your child.

Disclosure: I was given Freshman Devotional as well as a gift certificate in appreciation for my (and my daughter’s) honest review. FamilyChristian will be supplying the lucky winner with a gift certificate.

2 thoughts on “Freshman Devotions Review

  1. I would like to get Jesus Calling.

  2. Lars Rood says:

    Please let your daughter know I appreciated her thoughts and comments.

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