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10 Romantic Meals: Ideas for Two

Romantic Meals
Romantic Meals for Two

Holidays are quickly approaching and whether you are married, single, or in a relationship chances are you already have this day on your mind. If you are in a relationship and/or married maybe you can make your other half a romantic meal for two at home instead of going out to the fancy restaurant of your (or his/her) dreams and costing a fortune.

First, you will need to know if they are allergic to anything and if they are to stay away from whatever it is. No one wants to end up in ER during the holidays, it just isn’t romantic. Decide how much you want to spend on the dish and then make it. There is nothing more romantic than someone making a meal designed just for you, it shows they not only thought of you but spent time to make sure you enjoyed it.

Providing a nice romantic dinner to your loved one, or even if this is just someone you’re interested in, shows them that you care. Remember that if you make your ideal meal, this might not be showing them that you’re thinking about them but rather focusing on what *you* want. You want to show how much you are willing to make them enjoy the meal.

Set the Mood: Romantic night

Word of advice: Do not make him/her meat if they are vegetarian, it shows you don’t know much about them.

For me, I absolutely love seafood so to show me you really care would be to make me a dish with it in it. I can never get enough of the stuff, now I will not lie to you, I have never tried sushi so I would not know if I like it. But generally, I love lobster, most fish, squid, calamari, etc. Most men I have ever met like either sushi or meat, I haven’t met many that are vegetarians.

If you are the wife and cooking for a meat-and-potatoes man, an Asian-inspired Surf & Turk Rib eye steak dish for two would be perfect. If you are not sure what your partner likes to eat, homemade stuffed meatballs and spaghetti are a good way to celebrate. Think back to the scene in Lady and the Tramp when they share a romantic meal together. Still unsure of what you can make? That’s okay I have compiled a list of 10 romantic meals for two ideas for all types just in case.

Romantic Meals with Meat:

Meat & Potatoes from Driftwood Gardens
Meat & Cheese Lasagna for Two from StrawMerry’s Smith

Romantic Meals with Seafood:

Shrimp Scampi from Small Town Woman
Salmon Roll Sushi Bowl from Savory Tooth
Tiger Prawn Instant Pot Risotto Recipe from Pressure Cooker Recipes

Romantic Desserts for Two:

2-Minute Strawberry Shortcake from Wholesome Yum
Sriracha Brownies from The Complete Savorist
Easy Chocolate Mousse in Homemade Chocolate Bowls from Fun Happy Home
Instant Pot Cheesecake Creme Brulee Bites from Pressure Cooker Recipes
Chocolate Covered Cherry Cakes from Blommi