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End of Summer Traditions

What are your “end of summer traditions”? For our family we normally just like to make sure we hang out together which normally means I do some type of small mini party with the kids. It might be a BBQ, sleepover in the living room watching movies all night while partying it out with snacks, etc. I know that once school starts we really won’t be able to do these type of things (all-nighters) because of the bedtime routines unless they are on break.

We actually did all the above just before and right after school started back up. Why? Because not all of us were together when school started and we still wanted to spend one more afternoon together. This past Friday the kids and I rented a few movies: GhostTown, Quarantine 2: terminal (after younger ones go to bed) and also Yogi Bear.

I asked them what they wanted to have to go with this, we grabbed some Oreo cookies & milk and had mac n cheese for dinner. Like I said it was THEIR choice, not mine. For their drinks they requested #ClearAmerican water, each one got to pick their favorite flavor. By the way these have become the kids’ choice drinks now, as many of you know SoccerBoy gave up on sodas in February and the others just prefer Clear American waters. As for me I’m happy that they are really drinking flavored waters and it only costs .64 each.

They loved watching Yogi Bear and Ghost Town, now if you watch Ghost Town be prepared for a few tears but it is a good movie. If you watched Yogi Bear as a child and watch it now, not to worry….you’ll still love it. To be honest I never got to watch Quarantine.

I’m including two pictures above to show you how goofy SoccerBoy was being when we were picking out the drinks. He was a nut, dancing around picking out the drinks and then showing them off. hehe. Gotta love when they can have fun in front of the camera.

We also did a BBQ and I’m sorry I didn’t get pictures, but I do have some of the kids at the park which are above. I hope you enjoyed our summer traditions. I’d love to hear some of yours. We are planning another BBQ this weekend and kids have requested their favorite Clear American drinks once again. Hmmm, we shall see. 🙂

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Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study forCollective Bias, which is a vendor for Cott Beverages Inc., the manufacturer of Clear American ® brand beverages. All pictures, videos and opinions are mine and the kids’.

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