The Life of a Home Mom

Earth Day and Outside

Tomorrow we shall start gardening since it is Earth Day and all. Yes, every year we do something nice for Earth Day and this year we will begin it with a bunch of crafts and by noon we’ll head for the garden. The kids have already picked out which flowers we’ll be using. Thyme is their choice and yes I know it isn’t really a pretty flower but that’s what they wanted and I love herbs so I couldn’t say no.

Course that means endless hours on my back porch…sitting on my rear or as the kids would like me to say…butt. I’s sure after just a few hours of gardening the kids will be begging to play at the park and then I’ll be out on that back porch alone. What I really want this summer is some teak outdoor furniture. I had wanted wicker furniture before but since being out here I’ve realized all the rain would just destroy it. But the Teak furniture actually has a polish on it that would keep through the storms.

Okay back to dreaming. Ta ta!

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