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How Did Your Site get Its Name?

Angela over at WorkAtHomeMomBlog tells us just how she decided on picking the name of her website and asks you the same thing. I couldn’t leave a post on her site since I wanted to explain to everyone, as I’m sure some are wondering.

First, I’ll explain how it became homemom3 and once you know you’ll think oh well that was easy to figure out. Can ya guess? Well, obviously I’m a homemom and AT THE TIME I had 3 kids. Yep, that’s it, I had to think of something that I could remember and that was it. Kind of like my AIM name … elizajane2004 but I’m not always on that before everyone tries bombarding me with IMs. You’ll be lucky to catch me, ask my family. So, if homemom3 ever comments on your site, you know where she came from.

I’m not just a mom…I’m a Homemom, was a bit more thought out. It was one of those things where I got so mad that everyone would say, she’s just a mom or like when my son told me I did nothing all day. That last part didn’t go over very well with me and he had to write up a small report on the things a homemom might do. So, that was around the week I was creating this and I wanted everyone to know that “this mom wasn’t just a mom but a homemom.

I also have a few other sites:
Eliza writes… so you know my name, shoot and that was suppose to be a secret. Well, I don’t think I need to explain that to you. I’m a writer and I was communicating with a bunch of other writers in a community and decided just to call it Eliza_writes.

EntertainUs News, is a celebrity site and I couldn’t really think of anything. Everything I came up with was taken, Entertain Us Weekly, Entertainment etc, everything and anything dealing with the word celebrity had about 15 gazillion blogs already using it. So I simply took what the site was suppose to do, “EntertainUS” and tossed news because it is news about the celebrities. Easy and hopefully it’ll get known soon. But may take a few months of really blogging that subject.

Dreams To Come True…this one took a bit more thinking. I wondered exactly what I would want to talk about and in the beginning it was all about making my dreams come true. Hahah, see the phrase. I wanted to a published writer, an author of a children’s book, a novelist and of course make money writing in my spare time. Later I would begin to add topics such as homeschooling and then it would become even more parenting/writing as I’d discuss kids going to public school, life and the birth of my youngest.

My kids made some blogs under me here:
Yo-Yo Blogging– My son wanted to blog and make some money from google adsense, I told him that if he would write about something I’d give him any money made off that site. So far he’s made about .10 and he just opened up a yo-yo store and hopes to make more money. Hopefully this will get him into wanting to write more, I’ve started noticing him with my notebooks writing fictional stories. That’s gotta be a success story.

A Little Girl’s Mythical World– This took a lot of thinking on my part and boy did those few brain cells hurt afterwards, but my daughter wanted to write about fairies, unicorns, magic, leprechauns… you get the drift. So, I thought it sounded like a little girl’s world and that’s the way we’d title it. She loves it!

I have more blogs but am afraid I may lose you by then if I continue to write them all out. What are your blogs? How did you pick the name?

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