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My Dream Job as a Kid and How it Has Changed

I can’t recall all the dream jobs I had when I was a kid but I remember the ones that stuck with me the longest. I wonder if this says something about me because as a kid I was always changing what I wanted to be when I grew up, one time I remember wanting to be a teacher, another was a model, fashion designer, a zoologist, a lawyer and even a writer. Was this just stages that all children go through? I don’t really think it is because my own kids normally go through two changes but they keep that dream job on the top.

dream job

An example of this was when I homeschooled my oldest he would for years say he wanted to be a paleontologist and it wasn’t until he turned 10 and would go into public school that he changed his mind. In fact I would aim every lesson at his interest, which is how I remember exactly how long his dream job stuck. I even considered sending him to camps for it. Once he was in public school his mind shifted and since then on he has wanted to be a CEO of a company. He is still wanting that, he plans on getting a Business degree and going that route.

My older daughter was more like me in the shifting from one thing to the next. For a long time she wanted to be a fashion designer and every Christmas/Birthdays we’d get her something fashion related, including the art pads and all of that. She went from that to wanting to be a teacher and is now considering coir. Her younger sister went from wanting to be a vet to a zoologist, so she hasn’t changed much if anything I think she is getting more focused on the area in which she wants to help animals.

Never once did I plan on being a parent and the truth is I was petrified of becoming one because long ago I was told what happened to me as a child I would do. Truth be told those people were wrong and if I even thought someone was hurting my kids….well I won’t even go there. I couldn’t picture my life any other way, my life is centered around my kids. I enjoy every moment I have on this Earth with them.

I may not have considered being a stay at home mom when I was younger but that’s how things change. You can be going straight towards a goal and one thing changes and puts you in motion for a new one. A few years ago I finished college, I now have a Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. Why? After all these years I want to do what I already do at home but get paid more for it.

This is my Day #2 “What Did You Want to be Growing up?” What did you want to be growing up and how has it changed or stayed the same?

15 thoughts on “My Dream Job as a Kid and How it Has Changed

  1. I wanted to be a CEO growing up (haha – ambition right?) but I’m like you – motherhood suits me just fine;-)

  2. When I was old enough to understand professions, I wanted to be a pharmacist. Then after I had a baby at 18 it changed to RN. Now I know I’ve found my true calling with blogging and Internet Marketing.

  3. Teresa Foskey says:

    When I was a kid I wanted to be a Pediatric flight Nurse. looking back I am glad that never happened. I dont think I could deal with losing a child in flight. I still want to help others and I do but no one dies. 🙂

  4. I don’t remember what I wanted to be.

  5. I changed my mind so many times as I was growing up….from wanting to be a nurse to wanting to be a teacher.

  6. It really is strange to look back and see what we once wanted to be and compare it to now.

  7. rachel young says:

    Oh gosh, I SOOO wanted to be an actress.. OBVIOUSLY that didn’t happen lol

  8. I was a weird kid. I always wanted to be a genetic scientist. We learned about genetics in grade school and it just amazed me. But the reality is, instead of going off to college, I became a mom. The dream is still there but maybe for my next lifetime. 😉

  9. Stephanie says:

    I wanted to be a pharmacologist (study of how medicines impact the body), but the first class I took in pharmacology in college was how chemicals impacted the earth (which I didn’t’ care about at all), then I ended up switching to a BA in Marketing so I could become a buyer and spend other peoples money. 🙂

  10. I always wanted to be a writer or a teacher. I’m excited that one of them came true!

  11. I wanted to be a lawyer.

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