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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Breaking up is hard to do and the truth is everyone always states that it takes just a few times to get addicted to something but it takes 30 days to break a habit. I’m guessing you thought I had broke up with a person….this is not the case. However I was very much addicted to the item in question, the way a person would go to see another. Every day I would have to get my fix, once I did all was good. Getting this fix made me happy, I smiled and something was fulfilled. My fix…was coffee.

Yes, I was addicted to Starbucks Fraps. I’m sure some of you are saying there is no such thing as an addiction but really there is and it is so hard to break. My drink of choice was the Venti Carmel Frappuccino and it was delicious but it also carried its own weight around with each cup. By this I mean it contained 490 calories per time I got a drink. I would actually have at least 2 a day, which is VERY bad but boy did it taste so good. I knew the minute I moved out here that would be the one drink I’d quit as soon as possible.  At first I thought this would be an easy task, I didn’t see that many Starbucks as we drove into town and then I spotted one but figured I’d be too scared to drive anywhere because, well I hate driving.

WRONG! I went for 2 weeks without a single coffee, even drove by it a few times a week. Finally, I went inside Target to get some groceries and there it was as I walked in….I got my first Frap in 2 weeks. But today when I went back I avoided it completely. Maybe I’m on the right track, maybe having one every few weeks until it is completely out of my system is okay. As long as it doesn’t become an every day thing. Right?  In the meantime I am drinking sun tea (with sugar), soda and water, now if I could get rid of the soda and coffee I’d be on a really great track but I think I should stick with breaking up  with one thing at a time. Have you ever quit something? What was it?

3 thoughts on “Breaking Up is Hard to Do

  1. I have the hardest time breaking up with things, especially chocolate! Sounds like you’re doing pretty good, though!

  2. @Nancy I’m actually doing pretty good with it and thanks to watching Bones (tv show) I will probably never eat as much chocolate as I use to so I may kill two birds with one stone. haha. Dare I tell you what I learned about chocolate? Let me know if you care to hear. As for the coffees I had another today but that’ll be it for a while, we just happened to be shopping and since hubby came back into town he had to do something nice and didn’t know about me trying to kick the habit.

  3. Andre Maciejko says:

    I’ve heard so many people complain about Starbucks’ coffee and how it doesn’t taste as good as other coffee. I personally can only drink Starbucks’ Americano coffee. Plus the ambiance in a Starbucks is part of the whole reason why I go there and why I’m a loyal customer. Say what you will, but Starbucks definitely knows how to market and brand themselves!

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