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First Day of School Photos

The kids had their first two days of school (Yesterday and today) and of course I took a ton of photos of the first day of school. Since their dad is currently in Missouri missing out on their first days of school I couldn’t help but document the first day. The one thing I love about both schools….the bus picks each child up at their home, not at a corner or down the road but actually in front of their house.

Both girls got the teachers they wanted, which makes the move a happy one. All summer long we were looking at each of the possible teachers’ websites and the girls actually hoped for the ones they ended up getting. Today, when I went to pick up my precious little girls, they begged me to let them walk. Broke my heart, my little girls were wanting to hang with their friends and not their mom. But I know they feel safe too then. They won’t always get to walk home by themselves but today I let them go for it.

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  1. Aw! I feel your pain. It’s so bittersweet to let them do all these new things! I’m glad that they got the teachers they wanted and it seems like they’re all of to a great start in the new year.

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