The Life of a Home Mom

Bird Comes Smashing in….

Hmmm, what to blog about today. Well, early this morning a bird flew up and smacked right into my glass door and dropped down. I felt horrible, but I guess you can say Windex really does make it shine through. Okay that wasn’t really funny, the bird actually got hurt and didn’t seem to be able to fly. It kept hopping up like it was trying but would fall back down. By the way my glass door is on a balcony, which means he/she couldn’t just drop down or hop around. In a way it is my fault, two days ago I spayed the window with Windex, I have my little garden growing by the window (outside) and I lay out two pieces of crumbled bread every night. Hey, I like waking up to watching the birds eating it. It brings a bit of peace to a soon to be chaotic world…ya know when kids begin fighting and fussing. By the way the bird disappeared about 30 minutes after hitting the wall but I’m not sure if it fell and hopped away or flew away and landed in the trees. I’m hoping it is okay though, it wasn’t on the ground when we went out to search for it.

I also wanted to address, no I was not at Blogher. One was because the lack of funds and getting up there. I’d really, really love to go and I’m hoping to go next year. I even read some have already bought their tickets for it. How much does it actually cost? The other reason is I wasn’t sure if it was actually part of Blogher, like the site. If it is they’ve never approved me as a member. Oh and yes I’ve sent them my info twice, even faxed it twice which does cost a pretty penny out of my pocket, but never heard back. Guess they don’t like me. Either way, I’d still like to show up to one of these blogging events, they sound like a lot of fun. But I did participate in the BlogHop 09 and am still making my rounds.

Right now we are just relaxing and d0ing those last minute things to sign the kids up for school. For example: BabyGirl is currently doing an eye exam at EyeVisionCare, I didn’t even realize they needed these. We also got a call from the school yesterday telling us the nurse forgot to mark that she got her Polio shot, thankfully it wasn’t too big an issue and we were able to get that fixed. Most of today was doing my blogging and when that was done I played SIMS with SoccerBoy, watched a movie with the girls and played with cars with Little A. I sure am going to miss them when they go to school this year, I’ll only have Little A at home with me, but at the same time I’ll get more done. Plus one-on-one time with the Little man. How’s your week going?

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